Rage of the Goddess Nature due to destruction of environment

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Earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunami

Tsunami waves are the effect of severe earthquake or eruption of volcanoes or earthquakes at the bottom of an ocean. These Tsunami waves move with the speed of 800 to 1000 km. per hour.

Scarcity of water

It has been predicted by Robert Blake, Foreign Deputy Minister of America that, in the next 15 years water will be scarce in two thirds area of the earth; but in Bharat it will be very scarce in just 9 years. Big rivers like Ganga and Brahmaputra are full in the summer only due to the melting of ice in the Himalayas. They flow over millions of acres of land and quench the thirst of millions of Bharatiyas. But Mr. Blake is giving a serious warning that this cycle will discontinue within 9 years time. (11.3.2011)

The demand for water will increase to such an extent due to farming, energy generation and some other reasons, that about 40% of the demand will not be fulfilled. One generation will have to suffer this problem of water scarcity. In addition to this problem, floods and droughts will occur in more succession. Sever calamity pertaining to weather which was happening once in 100 years is occurring in 20 years now.

Droughts and huge floods

Due to mechanization and destruction of environment natural calamities will go on increasing and in the coming 27 years 75 % people in the world will have to face droughts and floods. These natural calamities will hit developing poor nations on a larger scale. The natural cycle of environment has been disrupted due to the destruction caused to the environment by mechanization carried out by man and he will have to suffer its terrible effects in the coming period. – ‘Christian Aid’ (An institution making study of environment)

Transmission of carbon dioxide through sugar factories

A large amount of carbon dioxide is thrown out through sugar factories. This affects the environment in the area near the factory. The ash sucks the moisture in the air thereby making the atmosphere dry and as a result heat increases which in turn affects the environment.

Irremediable disorders created due to plastic

When plastic is burnt elements like ‘lead, calcium’; health hazardous gases like ‘Benzopyrine’, ‘Dyexin’, Chlorinated hydrocarbon’ get mixed up in the air. That causes breathing disorders and irremediable disease like cancer.’

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