Scientists claim that the damage caused by Global Warming is irreversible

By next few decades, the sea ice would completely disappear

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Berlin (Germany) – ‘The damage caused by the ‘Global Warming’ has reached such a state that it cannot be undone. Moreover, we would have to accept this reality and live with it’, stated Prof. Dr. Markus Rex. He had organised the largest Arctic Expedition till date to the North Pole, in which more than 300 scientists across 20 countries had participated. The journey lasted 389 days and the group returned to Germany last October.

1. Prof. Dr. Markus Rex said, ‘the disappearance of ice from the Arctic Ocean is a huge loss caused by the ‘Climate Change’. In the next few decades, due to rising temperature of the oceanic water, the sea ice would completely disappear’.

2. According to the research conducted during the polar expedition, the Arctic glaciers would completely melt and the sea ice from the Arctic Ocean would literally disappear. The expedition team has also gathered 150 TB of research data and more than a thousand samples of ice.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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