Due to natural calamities till 2050 4.5 crore people may have to face the problem of migration – Study by experts

Some Saints and seers have predicted that in the
next two years due to the Third World War and natural calamaities
tremendous loss can occur and this has been reiterated by experts in this field.
Hence society needs to find remedies for self-protection, Government needs to guide them.

New Delhi – After studying the migration induced by climatic and weather changes in five Asian countries – Bharat, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Srilanka and the displacement and migration thereof it has been declared that till 2050 more then 6 crore will be rendered homeless and migrants. The report – ‘Paying the price for neglecting the environment : Displacement and migration’ quotes that 1 crore and 40 lakhs have been compelled to migrate due to natural calamities in Bharat till 2020 is and that in 2050 this figure is expected to rise to 4.5 crores. This study was conducted by Auction Aid and Climate Action Network South Asia.

1. In all five countries women are being forced to face the ill effects of migration induced by climatic changes viz. household chores, agricultural activities, looking after children and the aged in the family. This report also states how women migrating to cities often have to work under adverse circumstances, against labour laws.

2. People in Nepal are combating the ice melting from the Himalayan glaciers and those in Bharat and Bangladesh, the expanding oceans, hurricanes and high temperatures. Due to climatic changes people are seeking security and new homes for their families.

3. Harijeet Singh of Action Aid has expressed the opinion that to reduce the production of carbon and the effects of climatic changes wealthy nations have to assume respnsibility.

4. To be able to combat the catastrophe of climatic changes and to help those who have been compelled to migrate due tho these, we need to increase effective and social protection at a global level. This is the opinion expressed by Sanjay Vasishtha , Director of the Climate Action Network for South Asia.

5. This report also states that as we free ourselves from these disasters, to be able to adjust with the climatic conditions to reduce production in the developing countries there is a need for a strong leadership from developed countries and higher goals.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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