O devout Hindus, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, always wear the guard of conviction unto your Guru in the period of calamities


1. O devout Hindus, always remember Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
who killed Afzal Khan, who tried to backstab Him, by piercing his intestine

Shri. Chaitanya Dikshit

Few days ago, two devout Hindus travelling on a two-wheeler were attacked with swords from behind. When I read about this incident it reminded me of how Afzal Khan had tried to backstab Shivaji Maharaj.


2. Having escaped from the jaws of death innumerable
times in His lifetime, which armour did Shivaji Maharaj possess?

Afzal Khan could easily bend iron rods with his both hands, then how could his knife not penetrate the armour of Shivaji Maharaj? If you read the biography of Shivaji Maharaj then you will realise how he escaped from the jaws of death innumerable times safely, be it during the attack by Afzal Khan, the escape from detention by Aurangzeb or after He annihilated the five kings, only because of the armour He possessed. What was this armour made up of? The events given below in the article will give details of this armour.


3. For the first time in his life, Saint Tukaram Maharaj prayed earnestly
Deity Vitthal for help, that for protection of Shivaji Maharaj, when He realized that Mughal have surrounded the temple where Shivaji Maharaj had come to listen to His kirtan

Once Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had come to the temple of Deity Vitthal to listen to the kirtan (Narration of the glory of God) by Saint Tukaram Maharaj. Mughals got a hint of this and they surrounded the temple. During the kirtan when Tukaram Maharaj realized this, He prayed earnestly to Deity Vitthal, ‘May Shivaji Maharaj safely escape from the trap of these Mughals’. When the Mughal soldiers entered the temple, every devotee resembled Shivaji. As a result, they were unable to identify the real Shivaji Maharaj and He escaped from their trap.


4. Since Shivaji Maharaja had intense faith in Shri Guru and Saints,
an armour of the grace of the Guru was perpetually active around Him

By now you must have remembered that Shivaji Maharaj had pledged to establish Hindavi Swaraj, in the temple of Shri Raireshwar along with a handful of mavlas. From this incidence till the end, He had immense faith in His Guru, Samarth Ramdas Swami and in Saint Tukaram Maharaj. It is this very faith that maintained a perpetual armour around him. This protective armour was not made of any specific material but it was created from grace of the Guru. Therefore, let us all increase our faith in Shri Guru and remain dedicated unto Him. This will protect us not only from the subtlest attack but also from gross attacks of haters of Hindu Dharma during the calamitous times.


5. Prayer

‘O Guru, may we develop intense faith in You and other Saints just as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had in Saint Ramdasswami and Saint Tukaram Maharaj. It is Your wish that ‘we should sacrifice everything for establishing Hindu nation and strive towards it’ and for this purpose develop the perpetual spiritual emotion in us that You are getting efforts done from us in that direction. This is our humble prayer at Your Holy feet.’

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