Baglamukhi temple constructed within one night by Pandavas in Dwaparyug, in Bankhandi, Kangada District

Shri Baglamukhi is one of ten great vidyas (Sciences). The temple of Shri Baglamukhi Devi is situated in Kangada district in Himachal Pradesh in a village named Bankhandi. The Idol of the Devi is exactly as described in the Pandu script. This temple dates back to the Mahabharat era. During the period of exile in Dwaparyug, the Pandavs constructed the temple overnight and worshipped the Devi. Arjun and Bhim were the first ones to worship the Devi in this temple for success in the war. This Devi is known to annihilate enemies; therefore havan (Fire sacrifice) performed in this temple to overcome distress induced by enemies endows the desired benefit.


1. Origin of Shri Baglamukhi Devi

The Idol of Shri Baglamukhi Devi installed in the temple

‘Once upon a time, a daemon stole the Holy texts of Deity Brahma and hide them in hell region. This daemon was blessed with a boon that he would not be vanquished in water by either humans or Deities. Deity Brahma then worshipped Devi Bhagwati. Shri Baglamukhi Devi arose from Her, assumed the form of a crane, annihilated the daemon and returned the Holy texts of Deity Brahma to Him.

Once in the Satyayug there was a terrible storm. To calm it down, Bhagwan Shri Vishnu performed austerities and appeased Shri Baglamukhi Devi. Shri Ram had worshipped Shri Baglamukhi Devi to gain victory over Lanka and had become successful.’

-ShriChitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (14.6.2016, 9.32 a.m.)

Sanatan’s ShriChitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil blessed with darshan of Shri Baglamukhi Devi

‘On 29.12.2018, ShriChitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil of Sanatan Sanstha had visited the temple in Kangada (Himachal Pradesh) and offered prayers to Shri Baglamukhi Devi. She also performed a yadnya (Ritual of sacrificial fires) for protection of seekers and for overcoming obstacles in establishing a Hindu nation.’ – Mr. Vinayak Shanbag (19.10.2020)


2. Shri Baglamukhi Devi who gets appeased easily and alleviates
predicaments of devotees and the special features of Her worship

A. It is said that after Deity Shiva and Shri Mahakali Devi, Shri Baglamukhi Devi is the One who gets pleased easily. Her worship is done mainly to acquire something after performing spiritual practice.

B. The Baglamukhi-Brahmastra is a difficult mantra recited in a marak (Destroyer) form. The one reciting the mantra remains alert as well as the one listening to it experiences being engrossed in a tremendous energy. Due to the Divine consciousness present in the mantra, the listener also gets charged.’ – Dr. Ajay Joshi, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa

C. The Baglamukhi-Brahmastra mantra annihilates our enemy.

D. Recitation of this mantra never goes in vain. The purpose for which it is recited is always accomplished. That is precisely why it is called the ‘Brahmastra mantra’. To prevent its misuse, the scriptures have kept the information regarding this Devi, and Her spiritual practice a secret.’ – A devotee

E. ‘Shri Baglamukhi Devi has a golden yellow complexion because of which She is also referred to as Pitambari. Each and everything including Devi’s attire, food offer to Her and seat are all yellow in colour. Yellow being Her favourite colour, yellow substances are used in Her worship. Therefore, when worshipping Her, one should be dressed in yellow attire.

F. The entire universal energy is assimilated in Shri Baglamukhi Devi.

G. The Devi has several forms. By worshipping this Devi possessing many vidyas, at night, one can acquire specific supernatural powers.

H. The messenger of Devi is Mahakal, Alleviating the fear of devotees, Shri Baglamukhi Devi annihilates the enemy and negative energies as well.’

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