The radiant Kruttika lunar asterism symbolising Bhagwan Kartikeya

Analysis of the association of Kruttika lunar asterism with the Hindu lunar month of Kartik and its special features.


1. Association of the month of Kartik with Kruttika lunar asterism

Shri. Raj Karve

Bharatiya names of the Hindu lunar months such as Chaitra etc are based on astronomy. In the month of Kartik, the Kruttika lunar asterism arises on the eastern horizon after the sunset. In the same month around the tithi (Lunar day) of pournima (Full-moon day), the moon moves into the ambit of this asterism. Due to the association with Kruttika lunar asterism, this month has been named as ‘Kartik’.



2. Association of the Kruttika lunar asterism
with the birth of Bhagwan Kartikeya

According to the Brahmapuran, once Deity Agni acquired the radiance of Deity Shiva. Seeing Deity Agni enriched with the effulgence of Deity Shiva, the six kruttikas were attracted to Him. With the union of the radiance of Deity Shiva, a highly radiant child named Skand bearing six heads was born to the six kruttikas. Since He was born to the kruttikas, He came to be known as Kartikeya. He is the one who later annihilated the powerful demon named Tarkasur.

2A. Various Names

Kartikeya is the Commander of the Army of Deities. His other popular Names are Subramanya, Kumar, Murugan, Shadanan etc.

Figure of Kruttika asterism (the dots in the picture depict the stars)


3. Unique features of the Kruttika asterism

The Kruttika asterism constitutes 6 primary stars. It is shaped like a sharp razor. When this asterism is viewed in the sky it appears to be emitting vapour. In the month of Kartik this asterism can be viewed in sky whole night. Its Deity is Agni. Since Deity Agni is the carrier of oblations to the Deity of worship in a sacrificial fire, it is referred to as ‘Mouth of Deities’. In the ancient times Kruttika asterism was considered as a primal asterism, meaning, Kruttika asterism was assumed as the origin of asterisms. It is also believed to be the head of Kalpurush.


4. Characteristics of individuals born under Kruttika asterism

​The master of the Kruttika asterism is Ravi (Sun). As this asterism symbolises pitta (Bile) constitution, the individuals born under this asterism are healthy and possess a strong built, along with excellent digestive capacity and immunity against diseases. They have high physical stamina, sharp vision and reddish complexion. Since these individuals possess high confidence level, they have the capability of enduring adverse situations. Other temperamental characteristics are ambitiousness, courageousness, acceptance of challenges and perseverance. They have the capability of realizing their vision and make it big. Wars, military, politics, global affairs, business, physical science and sports are their interest areas. This asterism enriched with Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) is valorous and has leadership qualities. It is favourable for kings, rulers, leaders, army commanders, doctors, industrialists, engineers, and devotees. This asterism takes individuals to great heights and bestows them with fame.


5. Special features of Kruttika asterism from the social perspective

​Kruttika is an asterism with samashti (For the sake of society) temperament. In the present times this asterism is beneficial for the mission of protection of Dharma. Individuals born under this asterism possess qualities such as self-confidence, excellent oratory skills, leadership, ability to unite people, perseverance etc. and therefore they are able to perform the tasks such as participating in debates, addressing public meetings, stopping denigration of Deities, uniting devout Hindus, providing guidance etc. extremely well.

– Mr. Raj Dhananajay Karve, Expert in Astrology, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa (15.11.2020)


Vision of Bhagwan Kartikeya in the
form of Kruttika asterism, on Kartik Pournima

Taking darshan of Bhagwan Kartikeya on Kartik Pournima under Kruttika asterism has a special significance. This is the only day when women are allowed to take His darshan. It is believed that this vision brings about marital harmony. That is why on this day devotees visit temple of Bhagwan Kartikeya in large numbers. When this happens on the earth, in the skies too Bhagwan Kartikeya gives us His vision in the form of the Kruttika asterism, all night. The full moon close to the Kruttika asterism imparts a Divine experience. Over the yugs (Eras) Kartikeya has been endowing us with radiance, strength and courage in the form of the Kruttika asterism.

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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