Effect of cooking non-vegetarian food

Kitchen is a space meant for cooking. It is essential to maintain sattvikta(Purity) in the kitchen so that cooking can be sattvik (Sattva-predominant).Let us understand effect of cooking non-vegetarian food in the kitchen.

1. Comparison between kitchens where vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is prepared

Kitchen where
food is cooked
Kitchen where
vegetarian food is cooked
1. Extent of pressure More Less
2. Effect of negative energies Felt Not felt
3. Foul smell Exists Does not exist
4. Feeling
in the premises
No feeling of sensitivity Feeling good, pure and fresh
5. Awareness
in the mind

A.Feeling distressed

B.Increase in spiritual distress

C.No awareness aboutthe distress causedto the self

A.Feeling good

B.Helps the mind remain in Sat (Absolute Truth)

C.Since bhav(Spiritual emotion) for God is easily created, there is constant awareness of existence of God and one gets the spiritual experience of omnipresent God

If non-vegetarian items are prepared on new-moon or full-moon day, the distress due to negative energies increases. It is experienced that on these days, influence of demoniacal energies increases and they create havoc.

2. Subtle-analysis of the kitchen where non-vegetarian food is cooked

A. Through the foul smell created due to cooking of non-vegetarian food, the negative energies satisfying their desire to eat non-vegetarian food :On performing subtle-analysis of a kitchen where non-vegetarian food was being cooked, following things were observed. A pan containing non-vegetarian food was kept on the platform of the kitchen. Horrifying negative energies were seen moving about in the air. They were all watching the non-vegetarian stuff being cooked. Since they were greedily looking at the pan, a distressing sound was created there. Through the foul smell created due to cooking of non-vegetarian food, the negative energies were satisfying their desire to eat non-vegetarian food.Once the food had been prepared, they were satisfied. At that time, the noise they were making also stopped.From this experience it was realized that a non-vegetarian item is food for demoniacal energies, while a vegetarian item is real food for human beings.

 Reference: Sanatan’s Holy Text “Correct method of cooking a meal”

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