Recite the Devikavach from the Durga Saptashi book daily !

Advise to the seekers

The great Duttayogi H.H Sadanandswami has told through the medium of H. H Aaba Upadhyay that all the seekers should recite the Devikavach daily in the morning to receive protection for all the body parts and organs in the current adverse times.

3500 years old saint the great Shri Sadguru Sadanandswami speaks through the medium of great saint from Pune, H. H Aaba Upadhyay. From time to time He gives divine messages to the devotees through the medium of H.H. Aaba Upadhyay. Recently we got an opportunity to listen to his precious thoughts. When we asked him a question in regards to the health of the seekers, he replied that the malpractices on the earth are going to increase day by day. We will also have to face the attacks from the negative energies. To protect our physical body in these adverse times, and also to get rid from many ailments (headaches, muscle aches, many chronic diseases, blood disorders), seekers should recite the Chandikavach (Devikavach) from the Durga Saptashi book. This will help in forming an impenetrable protective sheath around the body.

( Devikavach is written in the book called Devi Saptashi. The same is also called as Chandikavach. It starts from page no 51 and ends on page no 60. Its starts with – अथ चण्डिकवचम् ॥ श्री गणेशाय नमः …. and ends with …….. वाराहपुराणे हरिहरब्रह्मविरचितं देव्यां कवचम् ॥ – compiler)

Listen to the audio of Chandikavach (Devikavach) here –

– (Sadguru) Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, Bengaluru, Karnataka. (30.11.2015)

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