Shri Kheer Bhawanidevi from Kashmir fulfilling wishes of devotees

A temple of Shri Kheer Bhawanidevi is situated at Tullamulla 30 kilometers from Srinagar, in the Ganderbal District of Kashmir. King Pratap constructed this temple in 1912. Thereafter King Hari Singh preserved and embellished it. Presently an important temple for Hindus, it is associated with Deity Raganya. On ashtami in the bright fortnight of every Hindu lunar month but specially in the month of Jyeshtha devotees throng here to pay respects to the Deity.The temple is now in the control of the Jammu-Kashmir shrine board. The main entrance to it is always heavily guarded by police.

The Shri Raganyadevi temple


Reference in the Purans

According to references in the Purans demon Ravan worshiped Mata Raganyadevi as a result of which he had Her perpetual blessings. Formerly this Deity resided in Lanka but after Ravan performed bad deeds She cursed him and commanded Hanuman to take her to Satisar (Kashmir), a place far from the maddening crowd, in the mountain ranges, covered with snow. Hanuman carried Devi with Her vehicle and 360 serpents to this place.

The Chinnar tree in the surroundings of the temple


Architecture of the temple

The temple of Shri Kheer Bhawanidevi is surrounded by water on all four sides. There are huge Chinnar trees in the vicinity of the temple. An octagon shaped water tank exists here. This is followed by a square water tank. The idol of the Deity is installed in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

The Devi loves pure kheer. Hence She is worshiped as ‘Maharaganya’. At the point of Her origin there is a mysterious spot. It is said that that spot is inhabited by thousands of serpent Deities and their eightfold families. Shri Ganapati, Bheem Raj and Kumar live near the entrance to the tank of nectar (amrutkund). In the middle of the tank facing the east reside the eightfold Deities of serpents – Vasuki Nag, Neel Nagraj, Takshak Nagraj, Padmanagraj, Mahapadmanagraj etc. Anant Nagraj living in the middle of the tank is surrounded by thousands of serpents with 2000 eyes and 2000 tongues. Deity Raganya is seated on a rose with a thousand petals, resting on Anant Nagraj.

Seat of the Devi in the tank of nectar


The octagonal tank bringing tidings of auspicious events in the future

The glistening water of this tank gives forewarning of events to occur in the future. Pink, milky white and pale green water is a sign of auspiciousness while black, gaudy red indicates inauspicious future events. This Devi Raganya existing in the form of water fulfills the desires of devotees. This is seated on Tullamulla serpent existing in the form of water.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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