Special features of the jatra in the temple of Shri Kapardikeshwar at Otur (Pune)

‘Due to different vrats (vowed religious observances) and festivals in the Holy month of Shravan, jatras are organised all over. There is a special features of a jatra in Otur in Pune on the occasion of Shravani Somwar. Junnar in Pune District is a place of pilgrimage of Shri Panchalinga. Otur is a village situated in the District of Pune in Junnar taluka, on the bank of river Mandavi. Its ancient name is Uttamapur. It has an ancient temple of Shri Kapardikeshwar (Shiva). Also the mausoleum (samadhi) of Shri Chaitanya Swami (Shri Babaji Chaitanya Maharaj), the Guru of Saint Tukaram Maharaj who initiated him with the mantra ‘Ram Krushna Hari’ in a dream, is here. Shri Babaji Chaitanya Maharaj took samadhi in the vicinity of Shri Kapardikeshwar temple in 1571. Both temples are situated in scenic surroundings in a remote area outside the village.

The annual jatra of Shri Kapardikeshwar at Otur is held every Monday in the Holy month of Shravan. On this Monday in the morning little rice is taken from every home in the village, washed in the neighbouring Mandavi river and a pindi (Divine phallus) is created in five layers using pots and the rice. The pots are separated by a lime. The priest placing these pots one over the other is blindfolded. The five layered pindi is installed in the sanctum of the temple. This rice pindi is believed to be unique. Every Monday the number of pindis grows. Lakhs of devotees from all over come to see these pindis. On the day of the jatra on every Monday akhadas of wrestlers mushroom here and wrestlers from all over the state come.

– Miss Puja Nalawade, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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