Personality Development

He who is loved by all is loved by God’. Everyone praises an ideal person whether in the office, in the society or at home. To make our behaviour ideal, it is necessary to develop virtues in ourselves. Personality defects make our life unhappy and depressing. Read here about the personality development and live the happy and blissful life.

Personality Development

1. Inculcating Virtues for a Happy Life

  1. Various virtues important for leading an ideal life
  2. How to implement the process of inculcation of virtues ?

2. Personality Defects – role of Negative energies and the Mind

  1. Why do people with more personality defects suffer from negative energies distress ?
  2. Mind and its role in personality defects
  3. How does chanting of God’s Name help in reducing personality defects?

3. Personality Defects Removal Process

  1. Importance of personality defects removal
  2. How to implement the PDR process ?
  3. Prepare a list of your personality defects
  4. Filling the Personality Defects chart !

4. Auto-suggestion Techniques

  1. What is an auto-suggestion ?
  2. Technique 1 : Awareness about the wrong actions and control over them
  3. Technique 2 : Right response
  4. Technique 3 : Rehearsing a situation
  5. Technique 4 : Creating awareness about chanting God’s Name
  6. Technique 5 : Punishing yourself when there is no reduction in personality defect
  7. Framing of the auto-suggestion
  8. Why should the auto-suggestion on progress be given and how ?

5. Auto-suggestion Sessions

  1. Deep-rooted personality defects need to be identified
  2. Number of auto-suggestion sessions
  3. Duration of an auto-suggestion session
  4. When to change the mistake or incident pertaining to a PD included in the auto-suggestion ?
  5. When to change the PD in the session ?

6. Ego Removal Process

  1. What is Ego ? (Ego definition)
  2. Reasons of Ego development
  3. Harm incurred due to high ego and why it is important to destroy ego ?
  4. Important components of spiritual practice to reduce ego
  5. How to reduce Ego problem According to Psychology
  6. How to reduce Ego according to Bhaktiyoga (Path of Devotion)
  7. Methods of Ego reduction according to Karmayoga (Path of Action) and Dnyanyoga (Path of Knowledge)
  8. Signs of Spiritual growth after reduction in Ego

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