Healing mantras beneficial in increasing one’s immunity and imparting spiritual protection from the epidemic of Corona

Corona virus outbreak has spread worldwide. In order to avoid getting infected by the virus and to increase immunity and obtain spiritual protection, one should chant the healing mantras in addition to the conventional medical treatment. The healing mantras and corresponding instructions are given ahead.


1. Instructions related to the mantras

A. If one is faced by impurity caused by the death of a family member or by a birth in the family, then one should not chant the healing mantras. During menstrual cycle, women should not hear or chant the healing mantras. One can chant the Name of God or undertake any other spiritual healing instead.

B. Rather than just listening to the mantras, it would be beneficial to recite the mantras with spiritual emotion. Therefore, if possible, one should recite the mantras. To recite with correct pronunciation, one should recite while listening to the audio clip. Mantras can be easily byhearted by reciting them correctly for few days along with the audio clip and later one will not need to listen to the audio clip.

C. One can choose to recite any one of the 3 mantras which is easy to pronounce in a correct manner and with spiritual emotion.

D. In Sanskrut, pronunciation of superscript dot is dependent on the subsequent letter in the word. As per the subsequent letter it is pronounced as ङ्, ञ्, ण्, न्, म्. In order to understand the correct pronunciation of the superscript dot, appropriate letter has been mentioned in the mantra below in place of the superscript dot. Wherever there is an occurrence of comma in some of mantras, one should pause for a moment at that place while reciting.

E. Understanding the meaning of the mantras would help in developing spiritual emotion while reciting. With this objective, the meaning of the mantras is also given below.

F. Chosen mantra is to be recited 21 times in the morning, afternoon and in the evening.

G. One should charge a cup of water while reciting the mantra in the morning and mix this charged water in a bottle of drinking water to consume it throughout the day.

H. Method for charging the water : Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Take a cup of water, dip all the fingers of right hand into it and recite the mantra. The cup should be made of silver, copper, brass, glass, or ceramic. If none of them are available, then one made of stainless steel can be used. Plastic cup should be the last option to use. While reciting the mantra, the cup should be placed on one’s lap, seat or wooden platform, but not on the floor.

I. Bathing removes the covering of Raja-Tama around oneself, hence reciting mantras after bathing would be more effective.


2. Prayer to be made before reciting mantras

‘O Deity Surya, if I am infected by any disease, let your gentle sunrays destroy the poison existing in the disease. My humble request unto your Holy feet to grant me healthy body which will enable me to perform spiritual practice.’


3. Mantras

Mantra – 1


Mantra that eliminates virus, as advised by Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj


अत्रिवद् वः क्रिमयो हन्मि कण्ववज्जमदग्निवत् ।
अगस्त्यस्य ब्रह्मणा सम् पिनष्म्यहङ् क्रिमीन् ।। – अथर्ववेद, कांड २, सूक्त ३२, खंड ३

Meaning : Sage proclaims, ‘O viruses (diseases infecting microorganisms), the manner in which Sages Atri, Kanva, Jamadagni have annihilated you, I will also destroy you. With the help of mantra devised by Sage Agasthi I will ensure that I will not let the disease infecting microorganisms grow.’

Mantra – 2

Mantra that eliminates virus, as advised by Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj


हतासो अस्य वेशसो हतासः परिवेशसः ।
अथो ये क्षुल्लका इव सर्वे ते क्रिमयो हताः ।। – अथर्ववेद, कांड २, सूक्त ३२, खंड ५

Meaning : The residing place of the microorganisms (diseases infecting microorganisms) has been destroyed, the place next to it has also been destroyed, and the ones which were in seed form have got destroyed too.

Mantra – 3


Mantra helpful in curing all respiratory system related ailments as advised by healing mantra expert Dr. Mohan Phadke from Pune) (Gayatri mantra that consists of Omkar 6 times.


ॐ भूः । ॐ भुवः । ॐ स्वः । ॐ तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम् । ॐ भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि । ॐ धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ।।

– ऋग्वेद, मंडल ३, सूक्त ६२, ऋचा १०

Meaning : We meditate upon the radiance of radiant Deity Surya. Let this radiance inspire our intellect.

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