Mantras for protection from enemies and calamities through Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness)

Invaluable treasure of thoughts of Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj

In case of a calamity seekers should recite the Holy verses (shlokas) given further 21 times each in the morning and evening.

यो अन्धो यः पुनःसरो भगो वृक्षेष्वाहितः ।
तेन मा भगिनं कृण्वप द्रान्त्वरातयः ॥

– अथर्ववेद, कांड ६, सूक्त १२९, मंत्र ३
– Atharvaveda, Kand 6, Sukta 129, Mantra 3

Meaning : O God, the endless and permanent Chaitanya that you possess to endow opulence, strength, power, success and stabilise life is also present in trees. It is only because of this Chaitanya in the tree that despite trimming its branches repeatedly it remains green. Please endow me with the same opulence, power and strength to defeat my enemy and overcome calamities in my life.

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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