Yantra to eliminate all problems and obstacles in sadhana

1. Utility of the Yantra

1_Aug_2016-Page-11_AThis Yantra (a symbolic representation of aspects of divinity) is useful for eliminating the obstacles created in sadhana (Spiritual practice), such as repeatedly falling ill or getting injured, suffering from spiritual distress, breakdown of equipment associated with seva (Service unto the Absolute Truth), vehicle etc. or facing any other obstacles.

2. Suggestions for drawing the Yantra

The Yantra should be drawn from a seeker who is at a spiritual level of 60% or more or has bhav (Spiritual emotion), but does not suffer from spiritual distress. If this is not possible, draw the Yantra yourself.

3. The method of drawing the Yantra

A. Before drawing the Yantra, wash your hands and feet.

B. Pray to your Deity of worship to fulfil the purpose of the Yantra.

C. The Yantra should be drawn in the middle of a paper that is blank on both the sides and is square in shape.

D. While writing numbers of the Yantra, start writing in the ascending order till the last number is reached. For example, start writing from ‘1’ in the box meant for it in the Yantra. Then, write ‘2’ in the designated box. Keep writing the numbers in an ascending order in the designated boxes.

E. While writing, chant ‘Om Rhim Namaha’.

4. Rituals associated with the Yantra

After drawing the Yantra, wave an incense-stick around it, and pray to the Yantra for eliminating the obstacles being faced.

5. Method of using the Yantra

A. The Yantra should be placed in a plastic cover and kept near the body (in the pocket) or near the equipment that is giving problems.

B. Wipe the Yantra everyday with a clean cloth and wave an incense-stick around it; similarly, pray to the Yantra for eliminating the obstacles being faced.

C. The Yantra placed in the pocket should be kept in a proper place before going to the toilet.

6. Keep the Yantra in the temple at home after the obstacles have been eliminated. Use it again when obstacles are faced.

(Ref. : Coming Holy text of Sanatan – ‘Yantra for curing aliments’)

– Sanatan’s Saint H.H. (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil (Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa)

Source: Fortnightly English Sanatan Prabhat

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