Message from Shrichitshakti (Mrs) Anjali Mukul Gadgil and Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal on the occasion of Gurupurnima 2022

Enhance efforts to obtain the grace of God – Shrichitshakti (Mrs) Anjali Mukul Gadgil

Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil

Under prevailing circumstances, common man faces a lot of resistance in leading day-to-day life. One has to perform spiritual practice (Efforts for God-realisation) for making life blissful. Even if you find it difficult to perform spiritual practice daily, keep doing things such as chanting the Name of God wherever you are, continuously talking to God, praying to God more and more and surrendering unto Him, offering doership of every act unto Him and so on. It will result in faster grace of God on you. Pray that, ‘On the occasion of Gurupournima, may every act performed by me be for obtaining His grace’.

– Shrichitshakti (Mrs) Anjali Mukul Gadgil


Contribute as per your capability for instating Dharma – Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal

Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal

Participating in the mission of serving Dharma as expected by Guru is the true Gurudakshina. The present time is conducive for instating Dharma, meaning, establishing the Hindu Rashtra. Awakening the Hindu society about Hindu Dharma and active participation for the protection of Dharma by each as per his/her capability is in a way participation in Guru’s mission of serving Dharma. An individual, who is not capable of performing any task (physically), can participate by praying every day for establishing of the Hindu Rashtra. Make a resolve to contribute optimally for instating Dharma, meaning, establishing of a Dharma based Hindu Rashtra.

– Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

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