Sacrifice unto the Absolute Truth

Once the spiritual level of 60% is attained, sacrifice in the real sense commences. We need to sacrifice our body, mind and wealth in order to progress spiritually. Of these, sacrifice of wealth is the easiest from the perspective of physics as we can give away all the wealth. However, the body and mind cannot be given away easily. Even then, these can be sacrificed before giving up the wealth. This can be achieved by rendering service physically and chanting God’s Name mentally. Only when a seeker progresses to 70% spiritual level can he actually sacrifice wealth to some extent. This is like a trapeze artist in a circus. So long as one artist does not let go of the swing he is holding onto, the artist swinging on the other side cannot hold him. Similarly, so long as a seeker does not sacrifice everything, God does not take care of him.

Sacrifice does not mean giving away the belongings; it means getting rid of attachment to them. In the beginning, the Guru makes the disciple sacrifice belongings in his possession. Finally, when the attachment ceases, He showers him with abundance. The great Hindu King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had no attachment to worldly objects and even offered his kingdom to his Guru, Samarth Ramdas Swami. The Saint in turn returned the kingdom to the king for the same reason.


Donation (Offering)

We should always donate only to the deserving; and there is no one more deserving than Saints. Hence, we should donate only to Saints. This is possible only for a seeker who is chanting in the stage of Upasanakand (Mental worship). The one who practices Karmayoga (Path of Action – which comparatively is an inferior path of spiritual practice) gives alms to beggars, donations to schools and hospitals etc. out of psychological emotion. At best, this can help acquire only merits. A seeker working intensely for spiritual progress (Mumukshu) wants neither merits nor demerits, since only heaven is attained with merits, not Moksha. Saints and Gurus are saguṇ (Materialised) forms, that is, bodily forms of the nirguṇ (Nonmaterialised) God. Hence, any offering made unto Saints and Gurus is as good as an offering to God Himself. Offering back to God that which has been bestowed by Him does not create a give-and-take account, it rather completes it. As such, the offering made unto Saints reduces the sanchit (Accumulated account of deeds of all births) and increases the ability to withstand the effects of destiny. Moreover, offering unto Saints does not create any give-and-take account, nor is any merit acquired. Hence, whatever has to be offered should be given to Saints or for the mission of the Absolute Truth.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Gurukrupayog’

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