Shunthi churna (Dry ginger powder)

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1. Properties and possible usage

It is ushna (Hot) in nature and pacifies Kapha & Vata. Although its usage is mentioned here, the treatment may differ according to the physical constitution, region, season and other ailments. Hence, take the medicine as advised by the doctor.


Indications Method of taking the medicine Duration
A. To avoid ailments in spring and in monsoons due to change in weather Boil 1 litre of water with ¼ spoon of dry ginger powder and by storing it in a container or a bottle, consume this in small quantities as and when thirsty For first 15 days after the winter ends. For the entire duration of the monsoons.
B. Cold. Cough and phlegm in the chest. Mix ¼ spoon dry ginger powder, ½ spoon pure ghee and 1 spoon honey and chew it 2-3 times-a-day 5 to 7 days
C. Headache due to cold Whenever you have a headache, make a thin paste of enough of this powder with hot water and apply it to the forehead; after an hour wash it off with hot water. 7 days
D. No taste, not feeling hungry, Abdominal pain with diarrhoea, dysentery, indigestion Mix ¼ spoon each of ginger powder, pure ghee and jaggery and chew this 2-3 times. As far as possible consume ½ hour before eating food 2 to 3 days
E. Burning sensation in the throat and chest, acidity, nausea, vomiting When you suffer, chew the mixture of ¼ spoon ginger powder and 1 spoon of icing sugar (powdered sugar) 3-4 times-a-day 7 days
F. Chest pain and restlessness due to gas and excessive belching When in distress, lick the mixture of ¼ spoon ginger powder and ½ spoon honey frequently 2 to 3 days
G. Amvat (Stiffening of joints, particularly in the morning, joint-pain and swelling) Before lunch and dinner, drink the mixture of ¼ ginger powder and 1 spoon castor oil followed by ½ bowl hot water and eat food immediately. Also, after dinner, mix sufficient ginger powder with hot water and apply a thick layer of paste on the joint in pain. 15 days
H. Pregnant woman who has fever, and leucorrhoea (whitish vaginal discharge) Mix ½ spoon dry ginger powder, ½ small bowl milk and 1 small bowl water. Boil it till 1 bowl mixture remains, strain it, drink the decoction on an empty stomach. Do not eat/drink anything for 1 hour after consuming this decoction. 15 days
I. Fatigue and weight loss, also for increasing sperm count Mix ½ spoon dry ginger powder, ½ spoon levigated nutmeg (Paste), 1 cup milk and 2 spoons pure ghee. Consume this on an empty stomach. Do not eat/drink anything for 1 hour after consuming it 3 months
J. Other uses of dry ginger 1. Dry ginger can be used as a spice while cooking food.
2. Add a little ginger powder to regular tea for added taste.
3. Add ginger powder and black salt as per your preference to butter milk


2. Note

Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar

A. For children in the age group of 3-7 years & 8-14 years, the dosage should be ¼ and ½ respectively of that specified above.

B. In case of diabetes the powder should be taken with water or it can be chewed as is instead of taking it in honey.

C. Having symptoms of heat such as inability to bear hot substances, stomatitis, burning body, urinary infection, rash on the body, giddiness, etc. And, during season of heat and autumn (October heat) – either avoid or reduce the use of dry ginger.

D. If symptoms of heat are noticed, due to use of dry ginger, stop consuming it, drink 1 glass of lemon sharbat (lemonade) twice-a-day for 1-2 days.

E. If the paste applied dries off, wash it with water. If topical burning is intolerable, avoid applying the paste. To stop the burning, topical application of lemon juice is done.

F. To prevent pests in powder, keep it in a refrigerator or utilise it within a month.


3. For better efficacy of powder

Avoid consuming eatables made from maida (refined wheat flour) and besan (Gram-flour) and avoid eating sour, salty, too oily or pungent preparations; Ice-cream, molasses, curds, paneer, cheese; stale-food, eating at an inappropriate time and in excess; going out in the Sun, staying awake at night.


4. Pray to your Deity of worship before taking the medicine

O’ Deity, I am offering this medicine at Your Holy feet and partaking it as Your ‘Prasad’. Let me become disease-free by taking this medicine.

-Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (11.6.2021)

(Usage mentioned here is only a guideline. Take it under the guidance of a medical practitioner only.)

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