Some Ayurvedic medicines that can be used in fever

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1. Mahasudarshan Ghanvati

Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar


Mahasudarshan Ghanvati is a potent ayurvedic formulation that helps fight contagious viral infections and can be used by patients of any age group without any fear of side effects. (Courtesy : ‘Siddhayoga Sangraha’ / ‘Ayurved Saar Sangraha’) This medicine helps in flushing out the viral toxins from the body through faeces. It is useful in occasional fever as well as in chronic fever. If it is taken during initial symptoms of fever, it can help prevent occurrence of fever.

1a. Fever

Consume powder of 1 tablet 2-3 times a day with warm water for 2-3 days in case of fever or during initial symptoms of fever. Children under 3 years of age should be given quarter of the dosage, whereas children of 3 to 12 years of age should be given half of the dosage. Sometimes fever is accompanied by dry cough. In such case, instead of this medicine, one should take Sanshamani Vati or a similar medicine.

1b. Acidity

Chewing this medicine is beneficial in case of burning sensation in the throat or chest. When such symptom occurs, 1 tablet should be chewed. This tablet is extremely bitter in taste.


2. Sanshamani Vati

This medicine is highly effective in old chronic fever than in recent fever. (One should take Mahasudarshan Ghanvati in case of recent fever.) This medicine contains Loha Bhasma (Iron rich herbo-metallic preparation of the Ayurvedic system of medicine), Suvarnamakshik Bhasma (Chalcopyrite) and Abhrak Bhasma (Calcined mica ash) along with Gulvel (Giloy). These components help in enriching the blood. This medicine also helps in boosting overall immunity of the body. It became very popular during the corona epidemic. Pregnant women, babies, children, people with fragile health, and the elderly can also safely use this medicine. One should consume the powder of 1 tablet 2 times a day. Children under 3 years of age should be given quarter dosage of the medicine, and children between 3 to 12 years of age should be given half dosage.

2a. Chronic fever

This medicine is highly useful in treating chronic fever in the body. In this fever, at times the spleen gets enlarged in which case too this medicine is useful. This medicine should be taken for 1 month.

2b. Anemia

This medicine is also useful in body emaciation, fatigue and anemia (low haemoglobin). This medicine should be taken for 1 to 3 months. Along with this, other medicines to induce blood formation in the body should also be taken.

2c. Chronic cough

One should take this medicine for 1-2 weeks. If the cough has been persisting for than 1 month, then one should consult a doctor.

2d. Vaginal discharge (white discharge) and ejaculation

Take this medicine for 1 – 3 months.

2e. To improve memory, strengthen the brain cells and the digestive system, and to gain energy through enrichment of the blood in any chronic disease

Take this medicine for 1 – 3 months.


3. Jaimangal Ras

This medicine contains gold and is useful in the emergency conditions of fever. If the fever rises above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, then the powder of one tablet mixed with 2 pinches of cumin powder and a little honey should be taken. If cumin powder is not available then the medicine can be taken with honey itself and if honey is also not available, the tablet should be chewed. (In case of such a high fever, one should see a doctor immediately instead of self-medication; however, there is no issue in taking this medicine as a first aid until the doctor is available.) As this medicine contains gold and silver ash, it is costly.

(Note : Medicines should ideally be taken only under the guidance of a physician and not by one’s own judgement. However, sometimes the patient is not in a condition to go to the doctor immediately. At times it is necessary to get medical aid immediately before going to the doctor, while sometimes after taking few medicines there is no need to go to the doctor. With this intent, few Ayurvedic medicines are mentioned here which should be taken as preliminary treatment. If one does not feel better after taking these medicines, one should see a local doctor without bearing the disease on oneself.)

– Dr. Meghraj Madhav Paradkar, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (14.7.2022)

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