Spiritual experience of Bliss experienced by a seeker comprehending the importance of classical music which is a treasure of Bharatiya culture only due to the grace of the Guru !

As part of the study session in the music section of Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay in the Ramnathi ashram, experiments in music are being carried on. At that time gradually I started realizing the effects of sattvik music in comparison with Raja-Tama music on the spiritual plane


Recently a dance troupe from Raghurajpur focusing on dance forms with spiritual base, performed the Gotipua dance at Sanatan’s ashram in Ramnathi, Goa.

Shri Lakshmi Rangoli designs

Draw Shri Lakshmi Rangoli which is assosciated with the Principle Shri Lakshmi devi on Tuesday, Friday, on the occasions like Shri Mahalakshmi-vrat & Lakshmi-pujan

Rangolis to attract and emit Devi tattva

Rangoli is an art which precedes sculpture and painting. It is both an auspicious and a preliminary necessity in any religious ritual. It is a practice to draw Rangoli at the site of any auspicious religious ritual such as a holy festival, a religious festival, an auspicious function, ritualistic worship, a vowed religious observance, etc..