Science underlying the closure and opening of eyes of two lady seekers who sang at the function to commemorate the birth anniversary of Gurudev

Lady seekers Miss Tejal Patrikar and Mrs. Anagha Joshi on behalf of Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, with a spiritual level of 61 % expressed gratitude unto Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale at a function held to celebrate His 77th birthday. At that time the eyes of Miss Tejal Patrikar were closed and those of Mrs. Anagaha Joshi were open. The spiritual causes for this are given further.

Mrs. Anagha Joshi and Miss Tejal PAtrikar during seva of singing


1. Points realised by Miss Tejal Patrikar when singing the song with eyes closed

A. ‘Before commencing the song ‘will the pitch be correct, will everything go well’ were thoughts ruminating in my mind. That is why in the beginning I was finding it rather difficult to remain calm.

B. Once the singing started worrying thoughts in my mind stopped.

C. My eyes closed spontaneously and I was feeling ‘may my singing be delivered unto the Holy feet of Paratpar Gurudev’.

D. Musical notes were going inwards effortlessly.

E. I had become introverted and thoughtless and was able to meditate through those notes.

F. My eyes remained closed till the song was completed, in fact I could not open them.’

– Miss Tejal Patrikar, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (13.5.2019)


2. Points realised by Mrs. Anagha Joshi when singing with eyes open

A. ‘Before commencing the seva of singing I was happy.

B. In the beginning for 2 minutes I was thinking about matching of the pitch.

C. Thereafter these thoughts vanished and I became happy again. In fact I was thoughtless.

D. Despite my eyes remaining open there were no thoughts in my mind, my mind was concentrated on communion with God.’ (This itself is going into meditation in the waking state. – Compiler)

– Mrs. Anagha Joshi, Sanatan ashram, Goa (13.5.2019)


3. Common points observed when Miss Tejal Patrikar
and Mrs. Anagha Joshi both were rendering seva of singing

A. Both were singing with spiritual emotion.

B.Deity Saraswati in subtle form was present in the voices of both. Hence the Deity Herself was singing through both of them.

C. Since the voices of both were blended with each other only one voice was heard instead of two. Only when minds of two singers match their voices blend with each other completely.

D. When a singer becomes one with the implied meaning of a song and the music from the notes their eyes automatically close or remain open and hand movements occur spontaneously.


4. Difference between eyes remaining open and closed when singing

Singing with eyes open Singing with eyes closed
1.Nature of spiritual emotion Expressed-unexpressed Unexpressed-expressed
2. Energy emitted through the eyes Destroyer-saviour Saviour-destroyer
3. Attitude of the mind Extroverted -introverted Introverted -extroverted
4. State of the singer Wakeful-meditation Meditation
5.God Principle active in the notes Materialized-non-materialized Non-materialized- materialized
6. Alternating spiritual energy channels (nadis) Sun channel (Suryanadi) and Central channel (Sushumna) Moon channel (Chandranadi) and Central channel (Sushumna)
7. Mode of speech (vani) in the song Vaikhari-madhyama Madhyama
8. Level of the mission from the song Samashti-vyashti Vyashti-samashti
9. Effects of the notes Charging the environment with spiritual emotion and purifying it with emission of frequencies of spiritual emotion from the eyes and voice Evoking spiritual emotion in the audience and making it introverted through frequencies of spiritual emotion emitted by the voice
10. Spiritual experiences Spiritual emotion and bliss Peace
11. Example Mrs. Anagha Joshi Miss Tejal Patrikar


5. Long standing effects of singing of singer seekers

The effects of non-seeker singers on the audience last for a very short time and are superficial but those of seeker singers last for longer and are at a spiritual level.

– Miss Madhura Bhosale, Sanatsn ashram, Ramnathi, Goa
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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