Deepajyoti Namostute !

Since times immemorial, lamps have been given an extraordinary repute of respect, honour and faith. Today our lives are illuminated by various modern lighting equipment. However, these equipment still do not have the radiance of an oil lamp.

Singing of Arati

Arati should be sung with bhav (spiritual emotion). Pronunciation of words correctly and singing arati after understanding its meaning prove to be helpful in singing arati with bhav

Complete act of performing Arti

The various acts to be performed during Arti such as blowing the conch, clapping, lighting the lamp, etc. are given in this article.

How to offer Arti?

Arati means calling out to God with intense yearning. If a human being calls out to a Deity through the Arati then the Deity grants him a vision in their own form or in the form of light.