The science underlying blowing a conch prior to Arti

Why should a conch be blown
prior to ritualistic worship and Arti?

Blowing a conch
Blowing a conch

A. Blowing of a conch reduces
movement of negative energies and
removes obstacle in attraction of Sattva
predominant frequencies of Devtas (Deities)

‘A conch should be blown, before beginning ritualistic worship and also prior to commencement of Arti. By blowing a conch before ritualistic worship, movement of negative energies in the environment is reduced. It helps in reducing obstacle of distressing vibrations, in the flow of the Sattva predominant frequencies of the Devta. This creates armour of Chaitanya around various tools used in ritualistic worship.

Ritualistic worship is concluded by performing Arti. During Arti, the frequencies of the Principles of Devta functional in the Universe are attracted in large proportion to the venue of ritualistic worship. Raja-tama frequencies can create obstacles in the flow of these frequencies. By blowing a conch prior to commencement of Arti raja-tama frequencies are disintegrated. This purifies the environment and consequently helps in preserving Chaitanya generated through ritualistic worship for a longer duration. Hence a conch should be blown before invoking Devtas for a ritualistic worship and prior to performing Arti to derive maximum spiritual benefit from their Sattva predominant frequencies attracted to the place in large numbers.’

– A Scholar (Through the medium of Mrs Anjali Gadgil, 7th January 2005, 3.15 p.m.)

B. The Sagun (Materialised) energy of Shrivishnu getting
attracted in greater quantity because of blowing of a conch

The Sagun energy of Shrivishnu that is active in the Universe gets attracted in greater measure because of blowing of a conch. This benefits the one who blows the conch as well as those who hear it. – Ishwar (Through the medium of Miss Madhura Bhosale, 16th January 2005, 7.00 to 12.22 p.m.)


Method of blowing a conch
and its effect on negative energies

A. On blowing a conch by raising neck,
Sushumna-nadi of an individual gets activated

‘A conch should be blown by raising neck and attaining concentration of mind. While doing so keep the eyes shut and the bhav that ‘one is beckoning the subtler frequencies of the Nirgun (Non-materialised), Marak (destroyer) form of God that descends from upward direction’ should be harboured. This posture of neck, raised and tilted slightly backwards activates the Sushumna-nadi in the body of the blower of a conch. This helps in maintaining a perfect balance between raja-tama particles in the frequencies related to the Vayutattva (absolute air element) and Tejtattva (absolute fire element) emanating from the mouth. Thus, as per the requirement and to suit the situation, the Tarak-Marak (saviour-destroyer) Principle of the Devta is activated.

B. Blowing of a conch in one breath, makes it
possible to penetrate the black armour of negative energies

As far as possible when blowing a conch, take a deep breath to fill the lungs completely with air and blow it in a single breath. This way the resonance of the sound vibrations (the echo of subtle sound in the environment) lasts in the environment for a longer period. Due to strength of sound vibrations in echo of subtle sound, it is possible to penetrate the black armour surrounding gaseous body of negative energies in a shorter time.

C. Blowing a conch, from low pitch to high pitch

Begin blowing a conch at a low pitch, increase it gradually and stop at a high pitch.

1. Blowing a conch from low pitch to high pitch of sound generates a mega destructive Sagun form of God from Tarak Nirgun (savior attributeless) point form. The low pitch sound frequencies that are transmitted from the conch create a subtle impact on the environment. Hence the particles of Chaitanya (point form of God) from the environment get into – jagrut (awakened state) and because of gradually increasing pitch of the sound, there is an increase in the speed of the waves that are transmitted from these particles of Chaitanya. This results in generation of hot frictional energy. Under the influence of this energy disintegration of outer sheath of negative energies begins. High pitched and impact oriented sound protects individuals from the negative energies that make an entry in the environment and thus helps gain complete benefit of Chaitanya generated as a result of Arti.

D. Manifestation of negative energies due to sound of a conch

Due to sound energy emanating from blowing of a conch, the subtler frequencies coming downwards from the Universe get activated. They cause disintegration of raja-tama particles in the environment within a short time. Due to momentum of frequencies of sound energy emanating from a conch there is friction between raja particles resulting in generation of flames. As a result, the sheaths around the gaseous bodies of negative energies start burning. That is why negative energies are unable to tolerate the sound of a conch. They are compelled to manifest because of this sound. However, some Subtle-mantriks (subtle-sorcerers) from Bhuva (nether) region and patal, despite being distressed by sound of a conch, pretend that they are unaffected.

– A Scholar (Through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 7th January 2005, 3.33 p.m. & 4th July 2005, 2.49 p.m.)

Reference : Sanatan’s Booklet ‘How to offer Arti’

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