How to offer Arti?

1. Importance of performing Arti

A. Arti is an easy medium for humans
in the Kaliyug to know about the existence of God

Arti is an easy medium designed for man in the Kaliyug to realise God, as there is doubt about His very existence. Arti means calling out to God with intense yearning. If a human being calls out to a Deity through the Arti then the Deity grants him a vision in their own form or in the form of light.’ – Shri Ganapati (Through the medium of Mr. Bhushan Kulkarni, 31st January 2004, 6.10 p.m.)


B. Artis containing praise please Deities

Artis contain praise of the Deity and a prayer for their grace. As Deities are fond of praise and bestowers of grace, they are pleased with the one who perform such Artis.


C. Composers of the Arti are spiritually evolved,
hence benefit is accrued through their power of sankalp (Resolve)

Most of the Artis have been composed by Saints and evolved devotees. As an Arti contains both the sankalp and blessings of the spiritually evolved, a seeker benefits at the materialistic as well as the spiritual level.


D. Activation of the Sushumnanadi (Central channel)
of the worshipper, thereby awakening his bhav (Spiritual emotion)

According to the Bhaktimarg (Path of devotion), it is very essential that the follower develop bhakti (Devotion) and bhav towards God sooner. For the seeker in the primary stage, it is difficult to develop bhav unto the nirgun (Non-materialised) Principle of God. On the contrary, a seeker feels close to God in sagun (Materialised) or human appearance and is also able to develop bhav unto Him faster. Arti is an easy medium of worship of the sagun form of God. During the Arti the subtle form of the words in the Arti softly touch the idol or the picture of the Deity placed in front and returns to those listening to or singing the Arti and affect their subtle bodies. The words in the Arti carry the Sattva component to the subtle bodies of the worshippers. Consequently a light feeling is experienced after performing the Arti. The bhav of the worshippers is awakened due to the activation of the Sushumnanadi by the words in the Arti. – Ishwar (Through the medium of Ms. Madhura Bhosale, 16th January 2005, 7.00 to 12.22 p.m.)


E. Spiritual experience helps in strengthening faith

As the bhav of a seeker is awakened while singing the Arti of the Deity he worships, he gains a spiritual experience. This helps in strengthening his faith in the Deity of worship.


F. Activeness of the Deity Principle to a greater degree
during Arti provides benefit of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness)

As the Principle of the Deity is functional to a greater degree during Arti, a seeker derives more benefit from the energy and the Chaitanya of the Deity. That is why our presence in the temple during the Arti is more beneficial than any other time.


G. Purification of surrounding

The air around the individual becomes sattvik by the sound waves generated during Arti. Thus Arti purifies surrounding. – A Scholar (Through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 21st April 2005, 9.02 p.m.)

How to offer Arti? (Videos : 5)



2. When to perform Arti ?

A. Why should Arti be performed twice
a day, once in the morning and once in the evening?

Arti is to be performed at the time of sunrise to welcome the tarak (Saviour) Chaitanya transmitted during the arrival of the waves of Deity at sunrise and to destroy the Raja-Tama waves at sunset.At sunrise the Raja-Tama predominant atmosphere present since the night is destroyed and the Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) waves of Deities arrive in the atmosphere. Hence, Arti should be performed at sunrise to welcome them. The tarak Chaitanya transmitted during the arrival of the waves of Deities at sunrise should be welcomed by an individual through the medium of the Arti; whereas at sunset, again through the medium of Arti, the individual has to appeal to the marak (Destroyer) Chaitanya of Deities to destroy the Raja-Tama waves. Hence, Arti should be performed twice a day, once at sunrise and once at sunset.


B. What is the science underlying the act of performing Arti at sunset?

Arti is performed at sunset so that there is an influx of waves of Deities that combat the enhanced movement of negative energies at sunset.At sunset the proportion of the Tejtattva in the sunrays starts reducing. Consequently the predominance of the Raja-Tama particles in the atmosphere increases. The generation of Raja-Tama waves also increases. Taking advantage of this situation, the negative energies increase their movement in the environment. To prevent distress through such Raja-Tama environment, it is essential to invoke the waves of Deities through the waves of sound emitted through the medium of the Arti and bring these waves in the orbit of the environment. As a result of performing the Arti, the environment becomes enriched with the waves of the Deities that reduces distressing vibrations/waves. This creates a protective armour around the body of individual. – A Scholar (Through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 5th June 2005, 6.33 p.m.)

Reference : Sanatan’s Booklet ‘How to offer Arti ?’

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