Why do those who raise issue of water pollution during Ganesh festival, not dare to talk about massive water pollution caused daily by industrial waste?

The Maharashtra Government has published a dashboard on quantities of sewage daily generated, its treatment and disposal in the jurisdictions of Municipal Corporations and Municipal Councils in February 2014. This will make it clear if the water pollution is occurring due to the Ganesh Idols or due to negligence of Government officials.


On Balipratipada a picture of King Bali and his Queen Vindhyavali is drawn with rangoli on the floor, decorated with five colours and worshipped. On Balipratipada, Bali is worshipped.

Ritualistic worship of the Brahmadhwaj (Gudi) on Gudipadwa

Hindu New Year Day that is Chaitra Shukla Pratipada is also known as Gudipadwa. Scriptures prescribe to perform ritualistic worship and erect Gudi immediately after sunrise. Let us see the details of the ritualistic worship and associated mantras.

Underlying science in the worship of Shri Ganapati

This word is derived from ‘duhu’ and ‘avam’. ‘Duhu’ means that which is far away and ‘avam’ means that which brings closer. Thus, that which brings the distant Pavitraks (Subtlemost particles) of Shri Ganapati closer is the durva.