O devotees of Shri Ganesh, give first priority in life to devotion, spiritual emotion and observance of Dharma

Humble appeal to Hindu victims of floods and drought

‘As in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka there were floods in the month of August, many families have become homeless and will take time to rebuild them. Now as the Ganesh festival is fast approaching how will such Hindus who have lost everything, including money, in the floods, install an idol of Shri Ganesh ? Some areas in these states are also drought ridden so with water scarcity where will the Ganesh idols be immersed ?

Taking advantage of this scenario secularists and communists are broaching questions such as ‘Why celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi when you are bankrupt ? Would you immerse your Ganesh idol in polluted rivers ?’

Devotees of Ganesh should consider the following points …


1. In flood-affected areas Hindus should worship
Shri Ganesh with devotion and spiritual emotion

In flood-affected areas wherever Hindus are unable to install idols of Shri Ganesh they should worship Him during the festival period with devotion and spiritual emotion. If it is not possible to install an idol of Shri Ganesh in your home then worship any idol which is installed nearby. If even this is not possible then perform mental worship. No matter how difficult the situation, do not stop worshiping Shri Ganesh. With intense faith that ‘we will get out of this calamity with the grace of God itself’ offer maximum prayers unto Shri Ganesh and chant His Name.


2. In drought affected areas Hindus should try as much as
possible to immerse Ganesh idols in flowing water as per Dharma

2 A. Wherever there is flowing water all idols should be brought together and immersed in a group.


3. What is the alternative to immersion of a
Ganesh idol in flowing water in adverse times such as drought ?

3 A. To facilitate immersion in drought affected areas install a small idol of 6 to 7 inches height. After uttarpuja immerse it in a large vessel with water near the Holy basil (tulsi) tree or in the yard. If living in a flat in the city where there is no Holy basil tree or yard then immerse it is a large water vessel in the flat itself. After the idol has dissolved in the water completely offer that muddy water, where no one will stamp it, to sattvik trees such as the bidi leaf tree (apta), banyan (vad) or Holy fig tree (peepal).

3 B. if the idol is big and an alternative small idol cannot be used then after uttarpuja keep it in a sattvik place such as the temple in the home itself. There is no need to worship this idol. You may keep it in a box to prevent dust from accumulating on it. Whenever possible immerse it in flowing water. However this method is to be used only in unfavourable circumstances when there is water scarcity etc.


4. Need for the Government to provide
ideal conditions to be able to observe Dharma

Though after observing Dharma an ideal situation can be created, the Government should be made to provide the required facilities to society to be able to observe Dharma, which is in fact its duty.

4 A. The Government needs to assist the process of releasing water into the river.

4 B. We need to compel the Government to release water into the river for immersion of Ganesh idols; but as we are provided the alternative of an artificial tank for the immersion we do not do this, instead accomplish our duty of immersion by immersing the idol in the tank.

4 C. If the moon is not sighted then Muslims do not celebrate Id, instead wait till it is seen and only then does the Government make adjustments and declares a public holiday. In other words Muslims give priority to their religion. Hindus need to learn how to observe Dharma from them.

4 D. So-called secularists, environmentalists and the Government state ‘Do not immerse Ganesh idols in the river as after immersion of the idols the river gets polluted’. No one dares to question them as to why ‘Why no remedies are found all year round for river pollution ?’ Why the river was not cleaned all year round ?’ People need to do this and also need to pressurise the Government to get the rivers cleaned.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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