China prepares for war in the Galwan Valley

ust as the second wave of coronavirus hits India, China appears to be preparing for war on the eastern Ladakh border. China has deployed digital PHL-3-long-range multiple rocket launchers near the Indian border in Tibet. CCTV, the official television of China, reported this.

China planning to wage a biological war since 6 years !

People seem to have forgotten that Covid-19 has originated in China, while the impact of virus in China has subsided long ago and the country has returned to normalcy. Amid this situation, intelligence agents in America have obtained classified Chinese documents. Authored by 18 experts, the report states that China has been engaged in developing biological weapons to be used in third world war since 6 years and that it has started the war through the Covid pandemic.

Most of the world’s 58,700 biggest dams have reached end of their life posing a major threat to the whole world ! – United Nations

Ageing signs include increasing cases of dam failures, progressively increasing costs of dam repair and maintenance, increasing reservoir sedimentation, and loss of a dam’s functionality and effectiveness. As per the report published by the United Nations, by the year 2050 majority of the world’s population will be living in the area of ​​influence of such old dams.