Birds dying suddenly in several states across India !

Bird flu determined to be the cause in some places, other places cause is unknown!

New Delhi – Thousands of birds died in the Italian capital of Rome due to the firecrackers lit during New Year celebrations. Similarly, India too has witnessed birds dying suddenly in several states.

1. In Himachal Pradesh, more than 1400 migratory birds have died all of a sudden in the surroundings of Pong Dam. The administration has banned tourists from going near the dam until further instruction. Few samples of dead birds have been sent to laboratories in Bhopal to understand the cause of death of the birds.

2. In Rajasthan, including Jaipur and 7 other districts, 135 crows have died in the last 24 hours.

3. In Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, more than 100 birds have died near a college due to bird flu. The administration is investigating the matter.

4. In Junagadh’s Bantla village of Gujarat it is reported that 53 birds have died, the cause being attributed to bird flu.

5. In Kerala, 12000 ducks have died.

Courtesy: Navbharat Times

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