Abiding to one’s duty derives supreme benefit than meditation and chanting!

1. Saint Rohidas who gave priority
to His duty over bathing in river Ganga

Saint Rohidas was a cobbler by profession. He used to perform His duty with complete dedication and sincerity, considering it as God’s worship. Once He had promised a hermit that He would accompany him in taking a bath in the river Ganga on the day of Somavati Amavasya. As the day approached, the hermit went to Saint Rohidas to remind Him of bathing in river Ganga. At that time Saint Rohidas was engrossed in making footwear for his customers and He had to deliver them as per the committed schedule.Therefore, expressing His inability in accompanying the hermit in taking bath in river Ganga, He said, “Hey great soul! Please forgive me. This time it is not in my fortune to avail opportunity of bathing in Ganga. Please take this coin and offer it to Mother Ganga on my behalf.”


2. Mother Ganga accepting the coin offered by dutiful Rohidas

The hermit reached the venue for bathing in river Ganga on time. After completing his bath, he remembered to offer the coin given by Saint Rohidas to river Ganga. He requested river Ganga in his mind, “O mother, Rohidas has offered this coin to you. Please accept it !” As soon as he said this, two magnificent hands appeared from the flow of river Ganga and they accepted the offered coin. The hermit was astonished at this sight and started to think, “I have spent my entire life in chanting and meditation, bathed in river Ganga, however I could not obtain the grace of Mother Ganga. Rohidas could obtain Her grace in spite of not bathing in river Ganga.”


3. Benefit of abiding to one’s own duty

The hermit narrated the event to Saint Rohidas, to which He remarked, “O great soul ! This is a benefit of abiding to one’s duty. Since I am a destitute (pauper), there is no contribution of meditation or my efforts in this”

Reference : Magazine ‘Akhanda Jyoti’, May 2000
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