Ashram life that nurtures virtues in seekers

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale created the Sanatan Ashram at Ramnathi, Goa for seekers to get an environment favourable to spiritual practice. Around 600 seekers are experiencing the Bliss of Ashram life.

Self-discipline and planning

1. Various actions such as placing footwear tidily upon entering the Ashram, chanting in the meditation temple, no leftovers on plates etc. are all done in a disciplined manner.

2. Seekers in the Ashram complete activities such as daily seva, individual spiritual practice and occasional functions as planned.


Cleanliness and orderliness

1. Young seekers perform Ashram cleaning seva (Mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping surrounding areas etc.) dedicatedly for at least 1 hour daily.

2. Every object (For example – books in the cupboard, plates and bowls washed after meals) is arranged tidily in its place.


Performing every act in a sattvik manner

1. Every act should generate positive vibrations. With this perspective, seekers try to perform every act in a sattvik manner.

2. Some examples of this are – wearing sattvik attire, arranging objects in cupboards in a manner that they look good, put food grains to dry in a manner that looks neat and organised.


Thriftiness in the smallest of aspects

1. All objects in the Ashram are used thriftily due to the bhav (Spiritual emotion) that every object in the Ashram belongs to the Guru; and water, electricity etc. are the wealth of the Nation.

2. Using one-side blank papers for computer prints, using small pieces of paper to write on are some more examples of thriftiness.


Participating in joys & sorrows as one family

1. Programmes such as birthdays, weddings, religious rituals etc. are blissfully performed in the Ashram for seekers according to the Scriptures.

2. Seekers earnestly help each other in familial problems, times of sorrow etc. as one family.


Serving seeker-patients dedicatedly

1. Food is cooked for seekers who have dietary restrictions as per their requirement.

2. When seekers are unwell, seeker-doctors and other seekers in the Ashram look after them. The seeker-patient does not have to go home.


Sacrifice and yearning for spiritual practice

1. Hundreds of seekers from all over India and of various age groups accept Ashram life with yearning for spiritual practice and the desire to perform seva.

2. All these seekers who have sacrificed their jobs, family life, perform Ashram sevas free-of-charge.`

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