Divine changes that indicate increasing sattvikata in the Ashram

The sattvikata of the Ashram is increasing day-by-day due to the Chaitanya-enriched presence of
Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale, devotion of seekers, continuous activity related to the Nation and Dharma; and an environment that is conducive to spiritual practice. The abundant blessings God is bestowing on Sanatan can be experienced upon looking at the following examples of Divine changes that indicate the increasing sattvikata, which are indicative of the ‘Divine Rule’ manifesting in the Ashram.

Shrikrushna’s photo that looks life-like due to the devotion of seekers

Audumbar that sprouted spontaneously due to the recitation of Dattamala mantra

Reflection in the door glass is visible more clearly compared to the original

Divine symbols such as ‘Om’ have appeared on the floor tiles at many places

The mango tree at the entrance gate bears more fruit on the side that faces the Ashram



A visible effect of the Chaitanya that is present in the Ashram

On 1.11.2016, on Deepavali, oil lamps were lit throughout the Ashram. Though their flames were yellowish, the light that spread from them was noticed to be reddish.

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