Unintelligible changes in Varanasi Ashram

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Let us look at various unintelligible changes occurring in Varanasi Ashram indicating increase in the Divine consciousness.

H.H. Nilesh Singbal


1. Unintelligible changes occurring in Varanasi Ashram indicating increase in the Divine consciousness and the spiritual experiences of seekers !

1.A. Changes noticed in the nature around the Ashram !

Guava tree in the courtyard of Varanasi Ashram bearing multiple fruits as highlighted in the circle

1.A.1. There is a Guava tree in the courtyard of Varanasi Ashram. The specialty of this tree is that it grows 4 – 5 fruits from a point at many places and also multiple fruits in a row on a particular branch. Bliss and enthusiasm are experienced after looking at this tree.

1.A.2. There are 4 mango trees around the Ashram. This year these trees were laden with so many mangoes that we were wondering how to finish them.

1.A.3. Earlier, even with little wind the mangoes used to fall from the trees. This time even with the gusty wind flow the mangoes did not fall before ripening.

1.A.4. One day we realized that it is the right time to pluck the mangoes and therefore we decided to plan for it. 1-2 days passed by, but we were still not able to pluck the mangoes. Finally, we decided the deadline to do this seva and on the same day we plucked all the mangoes. A storm occurred on the very next day. If we had not removed all the mangoes the day before the storm, then we would not have been left with any mango. At that time, we felt as if the God Himself had blocked the storm until we removed all the mangoes.

1.A.5. There is one Hibiscus tree in the Ashram. It yielded flowers after many years. Peculiar thing about it is that one of its branch had 2 flowers of different colors. We felt that one of the flowers has the Principle of Shriram and the other one has the Principle of Shrikrushna.

1.A.6. The sattvik trees like Bel (Aegle marmelos tree), Hibiscus, mango in the neighboring houses are bending towards the Ashram.

1.A.7. Animals like mongoose, squirrels and birds like peacock wander freely in the vicinity of the Ashram. It feels as if they are not at all afraid of roaming in the Ashram area. One day a very beautiful peacock had entered the Ashram area. He roamed everywhere and then sat at the Ashram gate for some time. We get to see mongoose as well and this is one of the spiritual auspices.

After observing the auspicious signs bestowed through the medium of nature, animals and birds, we feel that the God assuring us about His existence through their medium.

1.B. Ripples seen on the tiles like the waves on water

Varanasi Ashram has old styled ‘Mosaic’ tiles on the floor. There are ripples formed on these tiles like the waves on water. These changes are like the changes observed in the floor tiles of Ramnathi Ashram, and they also seen on the older tiles. This spiritual experience signifies increased Apatattva (Absolute Water Principle) in the Ashram.

1.C. Sattvik people getting linked for the service unto Dharma during the renovation of the Ashram

1.C.1. Renovation of the Varanasi Ashram was done some time ago. We could get sattvik labor workers for this activity. Amongst them, few of the workers are now performing spiritual practice as per Gurukrupayog (Path of Guru’s grace) and other workers have begun chanting the Name of God.

1.C.2. The distributors from whom we bought the construction materials for the renovation, are now sponsoring the advertisements for fortnightly publication of ’Sanatan Prabhat’.

1.D. Spiritual experiences of seekers and those taking pride in Dharma after renovation of the Ashram

1.D.1. When devout followers of Dharma come to the Ashram for some period, they get spiritual experiences of bliss and peace. When they complete their seva and leave the Ashram, it feels as if some transformation has taken place in them.

1.D.2. Due to the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic few of the seekers were unable to come to the Ashram. When they visited the Ashram after 2 years, they remarked that they are getting here the spiritual experiences similar to Ramnathi Ashram.

1.D.3. If feels that, ‘the capacity of the seekers in rendering their seva in the Ashram has increased multifold due to the increased level of Divine consciousness post renovation of the Ashram’. The weather in Varanasi is extremely torment. Winters are extremely cold, and summers are extremely hot. Everyone suffers due this extreme weather. No one in the society gets out early in the morning during winter and during the summer when there is extreme heat. However, the seekers from Ashram try to render their sevas in all situations. Gurudev (Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale) has given so much strength to the seekers that the torment weather conditions pose no obstacles in rendering of their sevas. Post renovation it has been noticed that the hours of rendering seva by seekers have also increased.

— Sadguru Neelesh Singbal (29.6.2022)

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