Reasons for Om(s)* that had spontaneously appeared in various places within Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram becoming faint

Om(s) which had appeared on tiles at various spots in Ramnathi ashram have begun to fade since August 2013. On 21.4.2014 they were visible only at two places.

*As Om cannot be given in plural for appearance of many Om symbols it is mentioned as Om(s) in this article


1. The principles of creation, sustenance and dissolution apply
to the Om(s) which have appeared in Ramnathi ashram as well

Divine symbols manifesting at the level of the Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) after completing their mission at that level, stop manifesting at that level and become invisible. Here the law of creation, sustenance and dissolution applies to Divine changes or Divine symbols manifesting at the level of a particular Divine Principle. Hence Om(s) appearing on the floor of the ashram have started becoming faint since August 2013.


2. As the proportion of the Vayutattva have
increased in the auspicious symbols, they are appearing faint

Of the five Cosmic Principles when the proportion of the Absolute Fire Principle active within the auspicious symbols decreases and correspondingly the Vayutattva (Absolute Air Principle) increases, since their form is associated with the Absolute Fire Principle, the symbols start becoming faint. Also due to increase in the Absolute Air Principle the spiritual experience of subtle touch becomes strong. That is why the symbol becomes faint in appearance.


3. Based on the principle that the subtle
is superior to the gross, the activity of sattvik symbols of Om
commenced at subtle level causing their appearance to became faint

As the symbols appeared in the gross, spiritual healing happened at the gross level after viewing them. In accordance to the current times, spiritual healing at the subtle level has more priority over the gross level. Also the need to perform the mission at the gross level with support of the Absolute Fire Principle and the gross form has been already accomplished. Based on the principle that the subtle is superior to the gross, the mission of the auspicious symbol of Om has now commenced at the subtle instead of the gross level and its appearance therefore has become faint.


4. Chaitanya within the symbol becoming active at the
non-materialised level of time instead of at the materialised
level of place causing the form of the symbol to become blurred

When the auspicious symbol remains active at the level of place it is visible and clear. When the Chaitanya within the auspicious symbol becomes activ at the level of time its clarity starts decreasing. This in itself is said to be a decrease in the functional materialised Principle within the auspicious symbol and strengthening of the non-materialised principle within it.


5. Reduction in the form based radiance from
auspicious symbols and rise of existence-oriented supreme radiance

Activity of radiance happens at the materialised form level. However supreme radiance works at the level of existence. As per time the radiance within the symbol becomes extinct and the supreme radiance present within it in a dormant state becomes functional, and existence-oriented functioning commences. So symbols which were formerly clearly visible have now started becoming faint.

– Miss Madhura Bhosale, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (16.11.2016, 8.43 p.m.)
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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