How Indonesia is striving to preserve its batik designed clothes tradition?

Indonesian politicians and citizens striving to
preserve clothes with batik designs and their tradition of designs

Sadguru Mrs. Anjali Gadgil

1. Meaning of word ‘batik’ and the method of creating batik designs on the cloth

Khadi clothes are quite popular in India. In similar way, national cloth bearing batik cotton design is popular in Indonesia. The word ‘batik’ is from Javanese language. Its meaning is ‘to write or to draw a dot or a design’. Organic colours are mixed in the wax to produce various colours which are then used to draw specific designs on the cotton clothes. Seals made of copper are also used for drawing designs. These designs are similar to the ones drawn on clothes in Rajasthan, India. The business of batik designs is widespread Indonesia.

2. Clothes with specific batik designs worn on various events

The designs drawn on the clothes too have traditional significance. There are various types of designs on the clothes, with their specific importance, worn by young girls, mothers, patients, and during the period of grief and happiness. The royal robes with specific designs are worn by king, queen and the people belonging to royal families. Apart from this, there are specific batik designs representing each province.

3. Indonesian government has declared 2nd October as ‘National Batik
Day’ with the intention of preserving the age-old tradition of batik designs

2nd October is celebrated as ‘National Batik Day’ in Indonesia. On this day, the citizens resolutely wear the clothes with batik design. With the intension of giving boost to the business of batik designs and to preserve the tradition of batik clothes even in the future period, the ex-President and the government have requested its citizens to wear the clothes with batik design at least once in a week i.e. on Friday and on national holidays. The citizens, with their self-inspiration, not only wear these clothes with batik design on Fridays, but on Thursdays as well. This does not need to be enforced on anyone. It is important to note that the king as well as the citizens have strived to preserve the traditions and culture of their country.

4. Disinterested Indian citizens

India too has traditional khadi clothes. However we do not come across Indian citizens wearing khadi clothes in large numbers.

Shri Diwakar Agawane, Phnom penh, Cambodia (24.3.2018)

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