Clothes of other countries containing spiritual level depictions (Part 2)

Sadguru Mrs. Anjali Gadgil


Shri. Diwakar Agawane

We come across people from Indonesia wearing various types of clothes bearing characteristic batik designs. While gathering information regarding this, we realized that each design has a unique meaning and a specific importance. Although the people who created these designs were ignorant about creating sattvik designs based on the triguns – Sattva-Raja-Tama, their efforts of using their intellect and giving a thought to derive divine grace through various events in human life and keeping spiritual viewpoint is indeed special, important and worthy to be noted. Similar to Indonesia, in Malaysia too one comes across clothes with similar batik designs. In the earlier article we saw clothes with some designs. In this article let us see few additional designs.

Any disease occurs due to a disorder in the body. This specific design is drawn on the blanket to be worn by an ill person to alleviate the disorder and restore good health
This cloth has two colours. Bright colour is meant for the morning and dark colour is meant for the afternoon. This design conveys the message that, ‘This life is meant for always remaining in bliss and by making honest sacrifices in life one can definitely attain bliss later in the lifespan.’
The design on this cloth is inspired from Dutch culture and depicts their olden daily lifestyle
This design conveys that the knowledge acquired throughout the life is important therefore one should always strive for imbibing knowledge
This design symbolizes marriage and creativity and the attire with this design is worn during engagement ceremony
People from the business community in China wear clothes with such design while attending any function organized in the royal palace
Shri. Diwakar Agawane, Singapore (11.4.2018)

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