Characteristic clothes from various countries containing meaningful batik designs pertaining to thoughts at spiritual level and encompassing various aspects of human life – part 1

Sadguru Mrs. Anjali Gadgil

We come across people from Indonesia wearing various types of clothes bearing characteristic batik design. While gathering information regarding this, we realized that each design has a unique meaning and a specific importance. Although the people who created these designs were not knowledgeable about creating sattvik designs based on the triguns – Sattva-Raja-Tama, their efforts of using their intellect and giving a thought to derive divine grace through various events in human life and keeping spiritual viewpoint is indeed special, important and worthy to be noted.

Design depicting that divine grace has been acquired and also reminding one to acquire divine grace
Design indicating that, ‘Life gets adorned with love and beauty when one continuously strives to establish real peace in the world’
Design indicating that, ‘One should bear a personality capable of easily socialising with others and being able to accommodate everyone, similar to water’
Design depicting a responsible and famous personality on whom trust can be laid upon
This cloth bears a picture of an elephant. Elephant symbolizes strength. This design depicts a reliable personality bearing leadership skills and strength similar to Vajra

Similar to Indonesia, in Malaysia too one comes across clothes with similar batik designs.

Shri Diwakar Agawane, Singapore (11.4.2018)

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