What do we mean when we say that an evil eye is cast upon the premises ?

The premises can be affected by evil eye just like an individual. Residents of such premises have to face physical, mental and spiritual distress. Feeling restless in the premises, an increase in negative thoughts, fights in the home over minor issues, financial loss, constant illness in family members are also features of this distress. To prevent an evil eye from being cast upon the premises making efforts for its prevention from the very beginning always proves beneficial. This article discusses the mechanism of how a premises is affected by an evil eye faster than an individual and the importance of spiritual practice of the residents of that premises with respect to distress.


1. Reasons for a premises being affected by
distressing vibrations faster than an individual

A. It is difficult to pollute a pure premises

A pure premises

‘It is difficult to pollute a pure premises such as a temple because it is saturated with Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya). Besides as there is constant active movement of sattvik frequencies in the temple,due to which negative energies find it difficult to enter such a premises.

B. It is easy for negative energies to penetrate
a premises inhabited by an individual performing bad deeds

In a premises inhabited by an individual performing bad deeds the Tama vibrations from his malevolent thoughts get materialised and the premises gets saturated with distressing vibrations. If this continues for some years then the premises gets completely polluted. So it is difficult to pollute a premises inhabited by a sattvik individual in comparison to that inhabited by a tamasik individual.

(The positive or negative vibrations created within a premises depend upon the thoughts, virtues or defects and spiritual practice of its residents. Thus, performing spiritual practice on the appropriate path is the most important solution to every problem in life. – Compiler)

C. As a premises is non-living thing, it lacks the potential to fight negative energies

It becomes easier to pollute a non-living premises as it lacks the potential to perform spiritual practice to fight negative energies attacking it. Besides it cannot fight on the plane of spiritual emotion (bhav). That is precisely why it is easier to attack it in comparison with an individual. At the same time it is easier to attack a tamasik individual than a sattvik one. (This makes it very clear that to be able to overcome negative energy distress, an individual should perform appropriate spiritual practice.- Compiler)


2. The process of a premises being
affected by the evil eye and its consequences

A. As a premises is non-living thing and cannot perform spiritual practice by its own, it becomes difficult for it to overcome its negative vibrations. Hence as soon as a premises starts getting affected by negative vibrations they start materializing in that premises itself.

B.The lifespan of a premises is longer than that of a human. That is why a polluted premises can affect through negative vibrations for a longer duration.


3. Effects of a polluted premises on an individual

A. There are chances of negative energies attacking an individual

Polluted vibrations materialized within a premises, with passage of time can make the limited atmosphere within the premises, its field of action. As a result an individual residing there for several years can be affected by these polluted vibrations and can suffer from negative energy distress. That is why vacating a negative premises benefits an individual both in his worldly and spiritual progress.

B. Exhaustion of an individual’s spiritual practice

The spiritual practice of one performing spiritual practice gets reduced in reducing distressing vibrations in a premises.

 C. As a premises becomes the home of a negative energy
a resident of that premises can suffer from extensive distress

As with passage of time a premises become the home of a negative energy, there are high chances of its residents suffering from distress extensively at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual.’

– A Scholar (Through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, Ashadh Shukla 14, Kaliyug Varsha 5111, 6.7.2009, 8.43 p.m.)

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Reference : Holy text by Sanatan ‘Casting off the evil eye with a ritual or through mental contemplation (along with spiritual remedies for casting off the evil eye on a premises, vehicle and trees)’

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