Science underlying various methods of casting off the Evil-eye

Science underlying various methods of casting off the
Evil-eye and Spiritual experiences while performing evil-eye remedies


1. Why should the individual who is performing evil-eye remedies
and the one who is afflicted pray before casting off the evil-eye?

1 A. Importance of praying

When the evil-eye is cast off on the strength of a prayer unto God, the individual performing evil-eye remedies is not distressed and the distress of the afflicted individual reduces in lesser time.

1 B. Benefits of praying

  • Due to the prayer, the Deity’s grace is obtained and as a result, the distressing vibrations within as well as outside the afflicted individual are activated in a short time, which then get concentrated in the substance used for casting off the evil-eye and are subsequently destroyed when offered to fire.
  • Due to the grace of the Deity, a protective sheath is formed around both the individuals and subsequently, it helps in protecting them from the attacks of negative energies.


2. Why should the afflicted individual, whose evil-eye
is being cast off, hold his palms facing upwards (skywards)?

Negative energies emit large amount of black energy from the Hell region. The ventral surface of the palm is more sensitive in imbibing and emitting energy when compared with the dorsal surface. When the palms are held facing upwards (skywards) the black energy coming from the Hell region is not directly imbibed by the hands. So also, keeping the palms open facing upwards helps in the black energy within the body to be drawn into the substances used for casting off the evil-eye.


3. Why should the substances used for
evil-eye remedies be waved around the afflicted individual?

The purpose of waving the substances used for evil-eye remedies is, to impart motion to the waves conducive for the purpose through the Raja component oriented movement of waving.


4. Why should the individual returning
after casting off the evil-eye not look back?

If the individual who has cast off an evil-eye looks back, it is considered a bad omen; because after casting off the evil-eye, substances used for the purpose are charged with Raja-Tama-predominant vibrations. As a result, the path treaded by the individual too is charged with Raja-Tama-predominant vibrations and it increases the possibility of several negative energies following the individual. Should this individual look back, there is a likelihood of the individual’s mind getting trapped in the vibrations that are unholy, and this could lead to the individual falling prey to the attacks of the negative energies that are present on this unholy path; hence, it is advised that the individual keep chanting the Name of God and walk forward after performing evil-eye remedies on affected person.


5. Why should both the individuals, one who performs evil-eye remedies and the other who was afflicted keep silent and continue to perform their activities accompanied by chanting the Name of God?

5 A. The process that takes place after casting
off the evil-eye and its adverse effects on the body

  • To some extent, the body of the individual casting off the evil-eye falls prey to Raja–Tama-predominant vibrations : After casting off the evil-eye, the Raja–Tamapredominant vibrations of the afflicted individual affect the individual performing the act and hence, his/her body too gets charged with these vibrations to some extent.
  • Emotional talk harms the individual as it attracts Raja–Tama-predominant vibrations towards it : During this period, any conversation other than chanting the Name of God is likely to be at an emotional level. Should this happen, the Raja–Tamapredominant vibrations spread over the body get attracted in larger proportion to the subtle-sound-vibrations in the speech. As a result, they can spread into the body through the voids of the mouth, nose, eyes and ears.

5 B. Divine vibrations in the chant destroy the Raja
Tama covering on the body, and other benefits obtained by the person.

  • Instead of permitting entry of the layer of Raja–Tama-predominant vibrations into the body by futile talk, if further activities are performed accompanied by chanting, the covering of Raja-Tama vibrations developed over the body are destroyed by the Divine sattvik vibrations present in the Name of God.
  • Formation of a protective sheath around the body reduces the possibility of attacks by negative energies from the external atmosphere.
  • Instead of some emotional talk pertaining to Maya, it is always preferable to get rid of the covering of Raja–Tama-predominant vibrations present around the body, and thereby purify one’s body that is subjected to the impure process.

It is always preferable that the individual commences chanting immediately after the act of casting off the evil-eye is performed on him, else the possibility of immediate attack of negative vibrations increases.


6. Why should both the individuals, one who has performed evil-eye remedies and the one who is afflicted wash their hands and feet before commencing further activities?

6 A. Large-scale transfer of Raja–Tama predominant vibrations in both the processes pertaining to casting off the evil-eye, that is, performing the act and getting the act performed and its adverse effects

  • In both the processes pertaining to casting off the evil-eye, that is, performing the act and getting the act performed, large-scale transfer of Raja–Tama predominant vibrations takes place.
  • If the bhav (Spiritual Emotion) reduces while praying to God before casting off the evil-eye, then there is an immediate rise in possibility of attack of negative energies.
  • In this process, since both the individuals are participating in an inauspicious act, the possibility of attack by the annoyed negative energies on both the individuals is the same. Therefore, the danger of attack of negative energies on both is the same.
  • Basically, this process is Raja–Tama-predominant. When compared with other body organs, feet are in contact with the ground to a greater extent. Hence, there is a strong possibility of waves from Hell region getting transmitted in the upward direction through the medium of legs. If the body gets charged with these waves through the medium of hands, then it can reach right up to the head region.

6 B. Benefits of washing the hands and feet with water

  • After casting off the evil-eye, wash the hands and feet, since they are the organs which respond immediately to the Raja–Tama predominant vibrations in the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Water functions at all-encompassing level and accommodates any type of Raja–Tama-predominant de-meritorious waves and there-by, purifies the body; hence, immense importance is given to washing the hands and feet after this process.


7. Depending upon the severity of the
distress, what is the need to cast off the evil-eye every hour?

If it is possible and in case of severe distress, cast off the evil-eye at hourly intervals, else there is a possibility of re-emergence of the distress during the interim period. When casting off is done every hour, the proportion of repeated deposition of black energy reduces.


8. Spiritual experience related to uttering the words ‘May the
evil-eye cast upon by guests, passers-by …’ while casting off the evil-eye

The severity of distress of a lady-seeker manifesting was many times more when the words were uttered in Marathi when compared with English, while casting off the evil-eye : In December 2007, a video recording of casting off the evil-eye using salt, mustard seeds and chillies of a seeker was in progress. The lady-seeker who was casting off the evil-eye uttered the sentences to cast off the evil-eye in English and the afflicted lady-seeker manifested (the negative energy within the seeker manifested). Just then, we realised that the lady-seeker casting off evil-eye can also utter these sentences in Marathi. Hence, the whole exercise was repeated by uttering the sentences in Marathi. No sooner did she commence in Marathi, the afflicted lady-seeker manifested, but its severity was many times more. This experiment revealed the importance of Marathi language.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text on ‘Spiritual science underlying affliction by the evil-eye and its removal’

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