Only Saints and not peoples’ representatives are capable of establishing a Hindu nation

Forming a Hindu nation is the only answer to all problems of Bharat and it will be achieved not through the ballot and with the help of politicians, but only with blessings of Saints !

‘The world’s largest democracy as observed, is in tatters all over Bharat. Mostly political parties are responsible for this scenario. Hence it is absolutely wrong and dangerous as well to think that ‘no matter which political party assumes power after elections, the scenario in Bharat will not change. The only solution to this is formation of a Hindu nation by sattvik individuals, under the leadership of Saints.

A. Aversion to meet most politicians and desire to remain in the company of Saints : Saints often visit Sanatan’s ashrams. When seekers come in contact with Saints either in the ashram or outside it they experience spiritual emotion, Divine Consciousness, bliss or peace. Hence they yearn to remain in the Holy company of Saints or to be able to serve Them. As against this generally there is aversion to being in the company of politicians and peoples’ representatives due to their high ego. If seekers are unable to tolerate their eg, will God be able to endure it ? That is precisely why God keeps politicians and peoples’ representatives away from Him. So will it be possible to receive assistance to form a Hindu nation from such people not close to God ?

B. Politicians and peoples’ representatives do not even feel that a Hindu nation should be formed, only Saints are active in this sphere : Politicians who are Raja-Tama predominant and peoples’ representatives too do not even think that a Hindu nation should be formed because ‘they wish to continue ruling’. On the contrary Sattva predominant Saints think that a Hindu nation should be formed because They have sacrificed everything and harbor the spiritual emotion that ‘everything belongs to God’. Hence it is They who assist in forming a Hindu nation. Based on Their spiritual level Saints help in different ways in the gross, by performing religious rituals, by making a resolve for accomplishment of the mission, by showering blessings and above all by Their presence. As the adverse times are fast approaching the assistance that Sanatan Sanstha is receiving from Saints is also growing.

C. Saints alone and not politicians and peoples’ representatives are capable of forming a Hindu nation : Any event taking place in the gross has already occurred in the subtle. Based on this rule before actual formation of a Hindu nation it has to occur in the subtle. Only Saints can fight this subtle battle against negative energies, politicians and peoples’ representatives cannot. That is why Saints alone are capable of forming a Hindu nation, not politicians and peoples’ representatives.’

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale


Politicians and Saints

Politicians Saints
1. Prominent virtues ‘Raja-Tama Sattva
2. Tendencies Selfish and egoistic Selfless and humble
3. Pride about what ? Community Dharma
4. Ego High Low
5. Impact of his mission on society, nation and Dharma Causing loss Beneficial
6. Fruit as per law of fruit of action (karmaphalanyay) Samashti sin Samashti merit
7. Role in reinstatement of Dharma Dangerous and obstructive Favourable and helpful’

– Miss Madhura Bhosale (knowledge received in the subtle), Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa


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