Iceberg near Antarctica splits !


Threat to coastal cities like Mumbai !

Iceberg measures 170 km long and 25 km wide !

Coronavirus, cyclone and now splitting of icerberg leading
to an increase in the sea level, are indications of the adverse times ! At least
now, start performing spiritual practice to face the fast approaching adverse times !

Antarctica – A huge iceberg, almost the size of Spain’s Majorka island has split from Antarctica. It is reported to be the largest split piece of an iceberg in the world until now. Pictures taken through satellites and aeroplanes have revealed this information. A huge piece of ice had split in Antarctica last year as well.

1. According to the European Space Agency, this iceberg has broken from the west side of the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica and is hovering on the Weddell Sea. This iceberg is 170 km long and 25 km wide.

2. According to some, this is an indication of the dangers of global warming. There is a threat of continuous increase in the sea level due to the splitting of icebergs as a consequence of global warming. Thus, due to the increase in water levels, there is a danger that coastal cities like Mumbai may get submerged under water.

3. Due to global warming in Antarctica, glaciers have also started melting gradually. Icebergs have started splitting now. Therefore, there is a rapid increase in water levels too.

4. The sea level has been increasing since 1880 until now. According to scientists there is an increase of 9 inches on an average. The glaciers split in Greenland and Antarctica is the underlying reason for this.

5. According to studies published in Nature magazine, glaciers in various other places are splitting rapidly. Considering all this developments, scientists say, ’If the glaciers continue to split in this manner, then all coastal cities may get submerged under water and get destroyed’.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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