Benefits obtained from using copper and brass utensils and earthenware

In the earlier times, water used to be stored in a copper vessel or a pitcher. Brass utensils were used for cooking. These metals/alloys attract as well as transmit Chaitanya (Divine consciousness). Such spiritual benefits are not obtained from the use of prevalent utensils made of stainless steel or aluminium. Let us understand more from this article reasons and also the importance of earthenware with respect to storing and cooking food.

1. Importance of earth/clay and
metals/alloys like copper and brass

For cooking utensils, clay and metals such as copper and alloys such as brass are the best. They generate a Divine sound that helps purify the environment and the premises.

1 A. Metals such as aluminium and
alloys such as stainless steel generate
distressing sound and pollute the environment

The environment in the present Kaliyug (Era of strife) is polluted. Hence, because of the absorption of Raja-Tama-predominant contents by these utensils & the attacks of Raja-Tama components on such utensils, the negative energies have created a distressing sound. This further pollutes the environment and the negative energies can receive energy through it.


2. Earthenware and utensils
made of stainless steel and aluminium

Steel & aluminium have less of indigenous Divine Principle. Even plastic utensils are manufactured in a similar manner and hence, are less natural and have Raja-Tama constituents. The ability of these utensils to imbibe Divine Principle and ability to retaliate is less. As a result, negative energies create their seats in them. Thus, food stored in such utensils is more likely to get charged with black energy or there is likelihood of the food developing a covering of black energy around them.

 Divine waves are attracted towards
earthenware, and food kept in them is
protected from the attacks of negative energies

Earth is nature’s creation and hence, it has greater amount of Divine constituents. It also imbibes and emits Divine waves. Therefore, Divine waves from the environment are imbibed by earthenware and congregate in it. As a result, the food grains stored or cooked in earthenware get charged with the Divine Principle. Similarly, they also help in sustaining the Divine Principle for a longer period. Due to the presence of the Divine constituents in earthenware, they develop protective powers and as a result, the food stored/cooked in them gets protected from the attacks of negative energies. Similarly, brass and copper too contain Divine Principle, and they have a positive effect on food.


 3. Metals/alloys used for making cooking
utensils and the resultant benefits and harm

 3 A. Raja-Sattva-predominant copper

  • Use only copper utensils for storing water. Water functions at an all-encompassing level & hence, the Sattva-Raja component that spreads from it is transferred to the stored water. Water stored in a copper vessel thus becomes Raja-Sattva-predominant and as a result, attracts Divine vibrations from the universe within a short time and congregates them within itself.
  • Using such charged water for cooking or drinking awakens Divine components in the body.

Drinking this water during meals charges the voids in the body with the Sattva component. This helps in digestion at the spiritual level to the maximum extent, and the body becomes pure in the real sense.

3 B. Brass enhances Raja component

Brass enhances Raja component and hence, cooking food in brass utensils is beneficial for health. Upon contact with the flow of Raja-predominant waves in brass, the nutrient juice containing voids in the food become active to release the nutrients. This Raja-predominant process is transferred to the body through the medium of food, and makes the voids in the body sensitive to imbibe the subtle-gas in the food. Thus, the process of digestion is simplified and made easy. Therefore, in the earlier times, utensils made of copper or brass were used to more in the kitchen as well as in the implements used in puja (Ritualistic worship).

3 C. Raja-Tama-predominant stainless steel

Stainless steel contains iron as an impurity to some extent and hence, food cooked in these utensils easily transmits Raja-Tama in the body. Stainless steel is a Raja-Tama-predominant alloy. Therefore, when such utensils are used for cooking, the body does not get the benefit of nutrients; on the contrary, its resistance-power reduces. As a result, the body becomes a victim of attacks of various diseases from the environment and becomes conducive to interference of negative energies.

3 D. Utensils of Tama-predominant alloys

The alloys formed by melting and mixing various metals are Tama-predominant. Therefore, they too enhance the Tama component in the food, and by adversely affecting the health, reduce the life span of the individual.

 3 E. Science that leads not towards
modernisation but towards destruction !

The scientists call the ancient method devised by Saints and Sages (who studied Creation) of using copper or brass utensils for cooking barbaric; however, these scientists, through their inventions of stainless steel utensils have in fact pushed mankind towards destruction and therefore, they themselves are backward. Everyone should understand that greater the attachment to Spirituality, happier human beings will be.


4. Reason for the custom of using copper & brass
utensils for meals instead of those made of stainless steel

4 A. Stainless steel

Use of steel makes the food Raja-Tama-predominant. Eating such food contaminates the body system, which then affects the attitude and a flow of incorrect thoughts is generated that completely disturbs the balance of health. Incorrect conduct & thoughts during meals and use of Tama-predominant constituents in the meals, has made mankind in Kaliyug prone to various diseases.

4 B. Copper and brass

In the earlier times, copper utensils were used for drinking water, and brass plates or utensils were used for cooking and serving food.

  • Copper : Copper enhances the Sattva component and hence, it is used for an all-encompassing source like water. Awakening of the Panchapran (Five vital energies) transfers the sattvikta (Purity) of food into the body within a short period.
  • Brass : Brass leads in emission of subtle Tej (Absolute Fire Principle)-enhancing sound that has inherent gas. The food charged with this subtle-sound is conducive for awakening of the Panchapran in the body.


5. Types of fuels used for cooking
and their beneficial as well as harmful effects

5 A. Wood (Tej imparting waves)

Fire in wood is called ‘Pradipta Agni’. This fire is natural and hence, the subtle Tej-imparting waves emitted by it can easily disintegrate the subtle RajaTama-predominant particles. The subtle-heat that contains fire in the wood is constantly in an awakened state on the strength of its waves of the subtle-air and hence, this fire is called ‘Pradipta Agni’. This fire has greater capacity to emit Tej and transfer it to other components than any other fire type.

  • Disintegration of Raja-Tama-predominant gas with the help of jatharagni during the passage of food to the stomach : Fire generated from wood is rich in the Raja component. Therefore, when food is cooked on a chulha that is plastered with mud, the subtle-Tej is transferred to the food items kept on the chulha. This subtle-energy containing fire awakens jatharagni when the ingested food reaches the stomach and thereby, keeps its Raja component active at the subtle-level. Thus, the subtle Raja-Tama-predominant gas is disintegrated with the help of jatharagni while the food is on its way to stomach.
  • Disintegration of Raja-Tama-predominant energy generated by the frictional movements of intestines : The subtle-effect of fire in the wood on the food also activates the Panchapran at the navel. These then cause disintegration of Raja-Tama-predominant energy generated by the friction caused due to movements of intestines and thus, the body remains free from gas-related ailments generated during digestion of food.

5 B. Coal (Tama-Raja-predominant)

Coal is rich in carbon and has negligible Pradipta Agni. Hence, it is considered Tama-Raja-predominant fire. The subtle carbon waves transmitted to the food cooked on a coal stove have an adverse effect on the digestive process, and the nutrients in food are adversely affected to some extent. When such food contaminated with subtle-gas containing carbon is eaten, the subtle-gas congregates along the inner lining of the food pipe, and the individual suffers from ailments of the food pipe and cancer.

5 C. Kerosene (Tama-predominant)

Since kerosene is an inflammable substance, it has Tama-predominant gas in a congregated state. Therefore, the food cooked using kerosene as a fuel shows deficiencies mentioned ahead.

  • Food that lacks nutrients : This gas directly affects the subtle-voids containing nutrients that are conducive for the growth and development of the body and reduces their function, meaning, it suddenly contracts them. As a result, the food cooked using kerosene as fuel is devoid of nutrients. Instead of making the body healthy, such food makes it Raja-Tama-predominant.
  • Attacks by negative energies : When food is cooked using this fuel, the process of cooking generates a ring of Tama-predominant gas around itself. This can attract negative energies from the environment, which can interfere in the process of cooking. Eating such contaminated food increases the extent of negative energy attacks on the body.

5 D. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
used for cooking (Most Tama-predominant)

LPG causes maximum pollution at the level of the Tama component in the environment, and it causes sound pollution in the food that is extremely dangerous for health.

  • Distressing sound-vibrations getting transferred to the food and discharged in the premises : LPG is stored in a cylinder in a liquefied form under very high pressure. Due to the high level of compression, it produces a strange subtle-sound within the cylinder. When food is cooked using this liquefied gas, the distressing sound-vibrations are transferred to the food and are also speedily discharged in the premises in equal proportion.
  • The environment and the body get charged with Raja-Tama-predominant vibrations : Since the liquefied gas flows from the cylinder to the stove, these vibrations gain further momentum. As a result, the process of emission of Tama-predominant sound takes place in a shorter period. This process causes long-term distressing effects on the environment as well as on the human body. While cooking, the entire environment gets charged with these Raja-Tama-predominant vibrations. Hence, the process of cooking which is actually a Sattva-component-boosting-process becomes harmful for the health of family members instead.
  • Destruction of body cells : Due to the subtle Raja-Tama-predominant vibrations in the form of sound transferred to the food cooked on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), the subtle-nutrient containing voids conducive for growth of the body are completely destroyed. A Raja-Tama-predominant energy is generated through their disintegration. Over a period, this energy is responsible for the destruction of other cells in the body.
  • Possibility of attacks by the negative energies on the premises itself : Due to this subtle-sound, there is a possibility of attacks on the entire premises by negative energies. It is because of their desire for food that many subtle-bodies reside in the premises with the help of this sound.
Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text “Components required for cooking a meal”

According to the research done by the University of Southampton in the year 2015, the metal copper can protect one from being getting infected with the respiratory viruses. SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle east respiratory syndrome) come under the category of respiratory viruses. These types of viruses remain alive on the other surfaces for a long time, whereas copper immediately destroys them.

As per an article published in the American Society of Microbiology, a researcher, Rita Corwell from the University of Maryland did research on many viruses. During this study she understood that when many old viruses come in contact with the metal copper, they are either immediately destroyed or become inactive. Due to this, some of them use copper tub to have a bath.

Before the year 1980, copper vessels were used on a large scale in India. But later on, vessels made of aluminium, steel etc came in use and use of copper vessels reduced to a great extent. Since ancient times, copper vessels are being used in India. As per the principles of Ayurveda, copper has antiviral properties and it also helps in increasing the immunity.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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