Method of going from the premises towards the sabhamandap of the Devalay (Temple)

Method of going from the premises towards
the sabhamandap (Hall in a Temple) of the Devalay (Temple)

Most of us visit the Devalay in order to have darshan (viewing) of the deity and derive benefit from the saatvik vibrations. Once one enters the temple premises, there is constant emission of nirgun (Non-materialised) form and blessing oriented waves of the deity. To benefit from these waves, one must proceed towards the sabhamandap from the temple premises, with hands folded in a Namaskar mudra; however, make sure that the hands do not touch the Anahat chakra (The fourth centre in the spiritual energy flow system, located in the region of the heart in the subtle body) and are kept a little away from the body.

A. Process of deriving benefit through the Namaskar-mudra

When an individual moves towards the sabhamandap with hands in the Namaskar-mudra he is able to absorb the Divine waves of God. Even though the hands are not touching the body, the individual faces no hinderance in the process of absorption of the Divine waves. The most sensitive part of the hand are the fingers. Pointing the fingers towards the Devalay also results in imbibing the nirgun waves emanating from the Devalay. The thumb is a good medium of transmitting the collective flow. When Shakti (Divine energy) is transmitted to the Anahat-chakra through the thumb, Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) spreads beyond the chakra’s actual range of attraction. This activates the sensitivity of the Kundalini-chakras to absorb the Principle and the individual absorbs only that much of the Principle as its body can tolerate. Nirgun energy does not cause any physical distress. When an individual enters the Devalay in Namaskar-mudra, it is because of its ability to imbibe the Principle, that other individuals, who otherwise are not capable of imbibing the subtlemost energy present in the environment, are able to imbibe the Chaitanya emanating from that individual.

B. Individuals with a spiritual level of over 50% get the same benefit of Chaitanya even if they walk towards the sabhamandap from the premises, without making a Namaskar-mudra. – A Scholar (Through the medium of Mr. Nishad Deshmukh, 18th January 2007, 6.55 p.m.)

1. How should the bhav (Spiritual emotion) be
while walking towards the Devalay from the premises ?

A. While walking towards the Devalay from the premises,
have a bhav that, ‘We are going to visit our revered Guru or the Deity’

This helps generate vyakulbhav (Emotion of yearning), which is necessary while visiting a Deity. When a child is desperate to visit its mother, it is immune to the surroundings. Similarly, all our attention should be directed at God – this is the sole purpose of the vyakulbhav. This helps induce humility in the individual while visiting God. This humility increases the strength of Sattvaparticles in the pranamay-kosh (Vital energy sheath) of the individual.

B. Have a bhav that, ‘Our revered Guru or the Deity’ is looking at us

Many years ago we were on a pilgrimage to Kedarnath. There was an ancient Devalay of Deity Shiva in the snow-clad Himalayan mountains, around 14 miles from a place called Gourishankar. The path was dangerous and difficult; there was a possibility that any time somebody could slip and fall into the gorge below and get crushed. Around 50 people were walking on the path. They included men, women, elderly, youngsters, children and priests. Most of them were on foot, while some rode horses. There was an elderly blind woman who walked with her arm on a youngster’s shoulder. Seeing her, Mr. Bhaskaran was surprised. With due respect and in a soft voice he asked the woman, ‘‘Even after walking such a difficult path, upon reaching you will not be able to have darshan of Kedarnath’’. Upon hearing this, she smiled gently and joined her hands in a Namaskar-mudra. With tears and a voice filled with emotion she replied, ‘‘It is true that I will not be able to see Deity Kedarnath; but after reaching the Devalay, Deity Kedarnath will look at me, is it not !’’ Mr. Bhaskaran was taken aback by this answer. We were going to have darshan of Deity Kedarnath, but ‘Deity Kedarnath will look at us’, such a thought had never crossed our minds. Instead of thinking that we will have darshan upon reaching the Devalay, our bhav should be that Deity Shiva is looking at us at this very moment. Mr. Bhaskaran said, ‘‘This pilgrimage is now successful, I have received Deity Shiva’s message that every moment He is looking at us !’’ From that moment onwards, this message was embedded in his heart. This message is a constant inspiration for all, it creates a protective sheath and is an account of the Shakti ! – Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘How should one have Darshan in a Temple’?

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