H.H. Rambhau Swami’s body temperature remains at normal even in Yadnyakund !

Look at His Holiness Rambhau Swami’s photo below and pay attention to what you perceive. Then proceed with reading of the article.

Great Yogi His Holiness Rambhau Swami
Information on medical tests conducted on H.H. Rambhau Swami, whose diet is minimal and He has not had water for the past 40 years. Here are a few unanswered questions.
H.H. Rambhau  Swami (78-years-old) from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu has not had water since 1975. Since 1977, only two bananas and a glass of milk once a day are His diet. Yet He is completely alert and highly efficient. In 2000, when He was 63-years-old, Ranbaxy Labs and Cholan Labs conducted medical tests on Him.
PravinQQQAt that time, looking at the results of the tests, researchers raised the following questions.
A. Despite a minimal diet, how is the proportion of cholesterol in H.H. Rambhau Swami high ? Does His body create cholesterol ?
B. After He spent 1 hour and 20 minutes in the Yadnya, His body temperature was more by 2 degrees than the temperature before He commenced Yadnya. What would be His body temperature while He is in contact with the fire of the Yadnya ?
C. How has He survived without water and with only a minimal diet for such a long period ?

Answer to the spiritual puzzle
H.H. Rambhau Swami’s photograph

When a devotee looks at the Idol of a Deity in a temple, he would generally have spiritual experiences that the Idol is looking at him, irrespective of the direction from which he looks at the Idol. Some seekers have had similar spiritual experiences when they looked at the photograph of H.H. Rambhau Swami. These are given ahead. Seekers perceived that the photograph had come ‘alive’ due to the intense penance performed by H.H. Rambhau Swami.

Spiritual experiences
upon looking at the photograph of H.H. Rambhau Swami 

 1. A white aura was seen around His head; the aura appeared to be moving inside-outside.
2. A glowing silhouette appeared around His whole body.
3. While looking at His chest, it seemed that He is breathing and we could perceive His chest heaving.
4. When we looked at Him continuously for some time, we became thoughtless.
5. His photograph appeared ‘alive’; His eyes and eyelids appeared to be moving.
– Mrs. Mira Mane, Mrs. Arti Puranik and Mrs. Avani Alshi (Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa)
6. While looking at His eyes, I felt closeness with Him and felt as if He may speak with me any moment.
7. I felt like looking at His photograph longer.
8. I felt as if He would come out of the photograph.
9. From His photograph, it was perceived as if radiance is emitting towards my face including the Adnya-chakra, and I felt more blissful.
– Mr. Giridhar Vaze (Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa)
(These are the personal spiritual experiences of seekers. Others may or may not get similar experiences.)

Subtle-analysis of His Holiness Rambhau Swami

hhyoya_valleeBelow picture based on subtle-knowledge has been drawn by Saint, H.H. (Mrs.) Yoya Vallee. She is one of the few seekers who receives such knowledge because of her awakened sixth sense.






Uchchhishta Ganapati Yadnya

Ganapati is in the form of ‘Om’. The Deity of this ‘Uchchhishta Ganapati Yadnya’ is ‘Ganapati in the form of Parabrahma’.

Meaning of the word ‘Uchchhishta’

1. When the Guru accepts an entire meal, the residue as His Prasad (Holy sacrament) is called ‘Uchchhishta’. This is the best available. For a disciple, ‘Uchchhishta’ is very important.
2. While describing God, Vedas say, ‘Neti, Neti’ (It is not Him, It is not Him). In a similar manner, when the utterance of ‘Neti, Neti’ is over, whatever best remains is Parabrahman. ‘Uchchhishta’ means what remains after occupying everything, meaning, Parabrahman. Here, ‘Uchchhishta Ganapati’ means ‘Mahaganapati’ or ‘Ganapati in the form of Parabrahman’.
– H.H. Rambhau Swami (Providing His guidance at Sanatan Ashram)

Let us understand how the body temperature of the great Yogi His Holiness Rambhau Swami (also known as Fire Yogi) is maintained at normal even when He enters the Yadnyakund (sacrificial fire) while performing the Uchchhishta Ganapati Yadnya.


Special Research by Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay

1. Observations of ‘Uchchhishta Ganapati Yadnya’ made by Mini RayTemp digital thermometer on 17.1.2016

(Temperature of an individual or a thing can be measured by Mini RayTemp digital thermometer even from a distance of 4 feet.)


Note : The temperature is measured by the equipment from a distance of 4 feet from the Yadnyakund and the shawl. This equipment is not meant to measure the temperature in direct contact with the body. Therefore, the temperature of the shawl is measured.

2. Narration

thermometerWhen the temperature inside the Yadnyakund was 146.5 °C, the temperature of the shawl worn by H.H. Swamiji when He offered Himself in the Yadnya as an oblation was 39.5 °C. Due to the spiritual powers of H.H. Swamiji, the temperature of His shawl has not increased despite the extremely high temperature in the Yadnyakund.

This is a rare example of inability of Yadnya fire to scorch the body of a Saint due to His sadhana (Spiritual practice). This can happen only due to sadhana. In Shrimadbhagwat, there is an example of devotee Pralhad remaining unscathed in the burning fire due to God’s grace. While witnessing H.H. Rambhau Swami remaining unscathed in a burning Yadnyakund, it is proved that the examples narrated in the Hindu scriptures are not myths.

Spiritual reason why the fire is not able to touch H.H. Swamiji

H.H. Rambhau Swami possesses more of Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) than the fire itself. Therefore, the fire cannot touch Him even slightly and His clothes, atleast not on a large scale.

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Jayant Athavale 

Appeal to scientists, individuals who are knowledgeable about Yadnyas and students taking education in this subject to carry out research from a scientific perspective

During the Uchchhishta Ganapati Yadnya, H.H. Rambhau Swami offers oblations in the fire. At that time, the Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) manifests in the fire, and He actually sees the form of Deity Agni. H.H. Rambhau Swami offers Himself as oblation while the fire is burning in the Yadnyakund.

1. H.H. Rambhau Swami does not feel the heat of the fire. Neither does He get scorched nor does He suffer any injury. What is the scientific reason for this phenomenon ?

2. Similarly, the clothes or shawl worn by Him do not catch fire even when He enters the fire. However, the same shawl catches fire as soon as it is held in another source of fire. What is the scientific reason for this phenomenon ?

3. H.H. Rambhau Swami has not had water since 1975. Since 1977, His diet includes only two bananas and a glass of milk once a day. When He performs a Yadnya, He does not consume anything except a glass of milk in the night. What is the scientific reason for His good health even at the ripe age of 78 years ?

4. What and how far is the effect of the smoke of the Yadnya performed by H.H. Rambhau Swami ?

We will be grateful if we get assistance in this regard from researchers in the related scientific fields.

– Administrator, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Ponda, Goa.

(Contact : Mr. Rupesh Redkar; E-mail :  [email protected])

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