Scientific research on ‘agnihotra’, a precursor of a yadnya (fire sacrifice)

To study the effects of agnihotra on the environment a study was conducted on behalf of ‘Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay’ using the scientific instrument of Universal Thermo Sacnner (U.T.S.). Given further is the nature of the study, the readings of those performing the ritual and their analysis.


1.     Nature of Testing

In this study UTS readings of the one performing the ritual were recorded both before and after the ritual and the readings taken were compared for study.

Note to readers : Due to restriction of space the points related to this article such as ‘U.T.S.’, an introduction to the equipment used in study, components of study through use of these instruments, aura of the components, methods of testing and precautions taken to standardise the testing is given on the link of Sanatan Sanstha. Please note that some letters from this link are in capital.


2.     Recorded readings

2A. Absence of negative energy

No negative energy was recorded in the small metal basin used to perform agnihotra

2B. After performing agnihotra there was an
increase in positive energy in the agnihotra basin

It may be noted that positive energy is not always present in all individuals, premises or objects. In the agnihotra basin initially the positive energy was so minimal that the aura could not be measured. (In that context the arms of the UTS made an angle of 90 degrees. The scanner records an aura of only 180 degrees.) After performing agnihotra there was increase in positive energy in the agnihotra basin and it was 1.70 metre.

2C. After performing agnihotra tremendous
increase in the aura (note) of the agnihotra basin was recorded

The aura of an average individual or object is about 1 meter. Before commencing agnihotra the aura of the agnihotra basin was 1.19 meters and after performing agnihotra there was a 3.05 meter increase in the aura making the total aura 4.24 meters.

Note – Aura : The sample of saliva in man and dust particles on an object or a small part of an object is used  to measure its aura.

Soure : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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