Adversities of natural calamities and inevitability of devotion !

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In the past few years India as well as the entire world had to face several natural calamities. Increasing effect of Raja-Tama in the environment is the spiritual reason behind these natural calamities. Current period is the transition period before the culmination of the cycle of 6th Kaliyug (Era of strife) within Kaliyug. The period of adversities that occur during transitioning of a yug has now begun. Everyone is experiencing these adverse times through the sequence of events that are occurring in Bharat and all over the world. Corona pandemic is one such instance. Many visionary Saints and famous astrologers have predicted huge loss of lives in the natural disasters that will occur in the coming times.


1. Extreme tumult in Europe due to heat-waves !

Recently, entire Europe including Britain was in extreme tumult due to the excessive heat and scanty rainfall. There was draught like situation spanning almost 60% of the land in Europe. This expanse is equivalent to the area of Bharat. About 17 million people in Europe were scorched in the heat wave. It is being told that in coming days 15 million more people may have to face these adversities. Temperatures reached as high as 40° Celsius or more in the month of July in Spain, France, and Britain. For people staying in cold regions, it was difficult to endure such high temperatures. There was such a crisis situation at few places in England that fights erupted amongst people over buying drinking water !


2. Disastrous wildfires !

There are increasing incidents of wildfires in the forests across the world due to the climate change. In recent years, due to the wildfires in Australia and global warming, hundreds of millions of hectares of land have been charred so far. In the wildfires that aroused in this region in the year 2019-2020, 3 billion animals and birds were charred. Thousands of people living in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia had to migrate due to the wildfires. It is feared that hundreds of people have lost their lives due to these wildfires.

The wildfires that occurred in Canada last year were so explosive that clouds and storms got created from its smoke. Fire spread out even more due to the lightening that occurred in these ‘pyro-cumulonimbus’ type of clouds. Intensity of the wildfires spread over 10 thousand acres of land in the western part of America increased by 7 times as compared to the year 1970. Major wildfires are erupting in America, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, China and thousands of hectares of land and forests are being gutted completely and also the wildlife is getting destroyed at a large extent. During past 2 decades, the incidents of wildfires and their intensity has been on rise in Bharat too.


3. Massive floods flushing away everything (in its path) !

Due to global warming, extreme changes have taken place in the environment. Including Bharat, entire Asia is experiencing extreme rainfall resulting in massive floods. In the month of April, photographs of people finding their way out from the floods in a desert country like Saudi Arabia were published. In 2019 Sangli and in 2021 Chiplun experienced major floods. These floods caused Konkan, Southern Maharashtra and especially Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur to go under water. Blocking the flow of rivers throughout Bharat is causing the conditions like floods to occur. Disaster management service begins after the disaster strikes. Since past few years little rainfall is also causing floods. Recently the events of receiving 200 mm rainfall in a single day have increased. Mahabaleshwar received 550 mm of rainfall in 2021. Due to floods, the wildlife and domestic animals too lose their lives along with people. Due to water logging in various premises such as homes, government offices, granaries, banks and markets, there is a huge loss of goods, foodgrains and money.


4. Cyclones that destroy everything !

Western scientists had predicted in the previous decade that due to global warming and the layer of pollution, the number of cyclones occurring in the Arabian Sea is going to increase in this decade. The temperature of the surface of Arabian Sea has increased by 0.36° Celsius. Even if the storms arising from Arabian Sea do not strike the coast of Mumbai and Konkan directly, they still inflict a lot of damage. Cyclone Phyan in 2009 and cyclone Tauktae in 2021 were formed in the Southeast Arabian Sea. Orchards, homes etc., in Raigad and Konkan were destroyed due to these storms resulting in financial losses. The energy that the cyclone receives from the sea is equivalent to more than 100 hydrogen bombs. Small houses, trees, pillars that carry electric and telephone cables get destroyed in these storms. Roofs of the houses get thrown away, walls collapse and if the sea water gets into the farms then the soil become infertile. Huge rainfall occurs during the storms, and it is catastrophic. Thousands of people become homeless. Electricity, water supply and communication systems collapse. Healthcare of the citizens and their rehabilitation pose a big problem. The tsunami that occurred in 2004 incurred huge damage. More than 1 lakh people died in Myanmar due to the cyclone Nargis in 2008.


5. Earthquakes that convert everything into rubbles !

More than 9,000 people lost their lives and more than 23,000 people were injured in the devastating earthquake that occurred in Nepal in 2015. Many lives were lost during the earthquake that occurred in the village of Killari in Maharashtra in 1993. Due to the subsurface movements taking place in the regions of Bharat and Eurasia, the earthquake affected areas have increased in these regions. Since there are more than 30 reservoirs in the western region, this also has increased the possibility of an earthquake.


6. Become a devotee to protect yourself from the natural disasters !

In Dwaparyug, Deity Indra had inflicted extremely heavy rainfall in Shrikrushna’s Gokul. Shrikrushna had then secured all the Gop (Milkmen devotees of Shrikrushna) and Gopis (Milkmaid devotees of Shrikrushna) under the Govardhan mountain. He lifted Govardhan mountain on His little finger and all Gop and Gopis supported it from underneath using their sticks. Since these Gop and Gopis were the devotees of Shrikrushna, He protected them. During this period of adverse times too if devotees increase their devotion alike Gop and Gopis, then, Ishwar (God) will definitely protect His devotees !

During the times of natural disasters, it is essential to pray to the five Cosmic (Absolute Earth, Absolute Water, Absolute Air, Absolute Fire and Absolute Ether) Principles. Since these five Cosmic Principles are the forms of God themselves, humans will get protected by praying them. Therefore, it is necessary to increase our devotion and keep yearning for God. Shrikrushna has assured that ‘‘न मे भक्तः प्रणश्यति’, which means, ‘My devotee will never get destroyed.’ Thus, considering the increasing influence of natural disasters in the adverse times, the necessity of each and every being becoming an ardent devotee of God gets underlined !

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