The power and positivity of water

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Like everyone else I cannot retire to bed without making the kitchen spic and span. For the past 6 months I have been emphatically doing one activity after cleaning the kitchen from which I have benefitted tremendously. I again light the lamp in the temple at home situated in the kitchen, if it has already extinguished. Along with it, I also light a lamp near the vessel kept with drinking water and if a flower is available then I offer that as well. Then I wholeheartedly offer gratitude to all the vessels in which water is stored.

Some will find my above actions awkward or even ridiculous. But being a doctor I never accept anything without a proper scientific analysis and proof. Six months ago, I got hold of a very detailed scientific research conducted on water. Thereafter I also found similar references in some Holy texts which I am putting forth in simple language.


A. Changes occurring in water depending upon various types of external energies

Water is our lifeline. It has its own specific memory. The thought occurring in our mind or the state of our mind while drinking water has deep impact on the water and consequently ourselves. Changes occur in water based on the external energies and these changes affect our physical body.

The effects of water on the physical body of individuals varies per individual. 70-75% of our body comprises of water, therefore it is the water which we drink that primarily determines how our body should function. The thoughts we have when drinking water, our perspective about that water, the ambient sounds we experience, our emotions or speech at the time of drinking, all have a tremendous effect on the water we drink. This can be actually observed under microscope. If your frame of mind is extremely positive and if you are extremely grateful for that glass of water in your hand then even dirty or polluted water will not adversely affect you. On the other hand, if your mental state is negative and if you are careless about the water you drink then even the purest water may prove harmful to you.


B. The cellular system of water functions like the nervous system of humans

Water is ‘alive’ and it along with its cellular system functions like the nervous system of humans. When you hold a glass of water or keep a glass of water close to you with emotions of love in your mind then the water molecules assume a beautiful shape. As against this, those influenced by the emotions of anger or hatred in your mind have odd shapes. Water retains memory of treatment you mete out to it for a long duration and affects your body accordingly.


C. The origin of ‘Water Therapy’

Water is currently being considered as ‘Liquid Computer’ and in that primarily the quality of water to retain memory is being used. Leveraging this virtue of water, various water therapies e.g. talking the noble objective you may have in your mind while holding a glass of water and then drinking the water, are emerging. All this being scientific information those who wish to learn more may refer to the research conducted on water by Dr. Masaru Imote.


D. Efforts to be undertaken to realize the Divine and powerful potential of water

I have tried to map the Divine and powerful abilities of water with Hindu culture and traditions. Based on what I have realized, I have been practising below points for the past 6 months.

1. Store drinking water only in a copper vessel and as far as possible drink in a copper tumbler because copper is a conductor of positive energy.

2. Every night wash the copper vessel with tamarind and turmeric.

3. Thereafter, fill it with water filtered through a muslin cloth.

4. Light an oil lamp besides this water vessel and fold your hands in extreme gratitude towards this water.

(You may express gratitude for being gifted a good life, health or may think about anything positive and express gratitude.)

5. Begin the day by drinking water from this vessel.

6. The most appropriate way to drink water is by sipping it from cupped hands. However practically as this is not possible one should drink water by holding the tumbler with both hands.

7. When drinking water hold the tumbler with both hands for few seconds and remember to bring a good thought or emotion in the mind before sipping it.

8. Ensure that you perform this action for a longer duration when drinking water elsewhere outside your home.

9. Drink water only when you feel thirsty. Do not drink water repeatedly without any reason.

10. Include fruit with high water content (80-90%) in your diet.


E. Benefits of drinking water appropriately

Benefits derived by me by drinking water appropriately as mentioned above for 6 consecutive months

A. My younger daughter who would fall ill every month and had to be given antibiotics, recovered completely.

B. My mental and physical health which had deteriorated in the past few months improved markedly.

C. The problem of hyperacidity in my family members almost vanished.

D. Every morning the atmosphere at home is very pleasant, cheerful and energised.

E. My perspective of looking at water and overall towards the kitchen changed completely.

F. If I forget to light a lamp next to the stored water then I find a drastic change in its taste.

G. I have inculcated these habits in my younger daughter too and she complies happily.


F. Experiments on water proved both from the scientific and logical perspectives

Drinking water following all these techniques will help you in always remaining healthy. There is no question of calling this article blindfaith because all the above points have been proven both scientifically and logically. Our places of pilgrimage, pits of holy rivers, sacred liquid partaken in the temples, 5 times oblation given with water before consuming meals are all examples of traditions passed on to us to underline the importance of and benefits of water by Hindu traditions after researching on the limitless and lively energy of water since ancient times. Remaining aware of this itself is our duty. Not just the household chores, nothing in life can be done without water. Hence from today realising the importance of power of water, let us start utilising it to the fullest.

– Dr. Gauri Kaivalya Gaikwad, Barshi, Solapur District

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