Corona and effect of Agnihotra

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Indians should realise the importance of ‘Agnihotra’ and perform ‘Agnihotra’ every day!

The whole world is affected due to the Coronavirus. We should follow the rules of washing hands often, social distancing, etc. Our Indian traditions advocate performing ‘Agnihotra’ for purification of the environment. The infection due to this virus is quite recent, therefore, no study has been undertaken on the effect of ‘Agnihotra’ on the Coronavirus. Even then, based on a few experiences, we can say that ‘Agnihotra’ can help in overcoming the Coronavirus problem. The points presented by Dr. Ulrich Berk, a German scholar of ‘Agnihotra’ are illustrated here.


1. The points presented by Dr. Ulrich Berk, a German scholar of ‘Agnihotra’

Dr. Ulrich Berk

A. Brief introduction of Dr. Ulrich Berk

Dr. Berk is from Germany and has a Ph.D. in Philosophy. He is also the President of ‘German Association for Home Therapy’ and is known as an expert on ‘Agnihotra’. He has been performing ‘Agnihotra’ for the last 35 years and is even researching the same.


2. Agnihotra can help in the following

A. The chances of a person getting infected reduce.

B. If one is already infected, the effect of a virus slightly reduces.

C.The body gets help for overcoming the infection.


3. Possibility of getting infected going down

A favourable report has been received that Agnihotra can help in reducing the possibility of Corona infection.

3. A. Amazing experience of Elizabeth M from Spain

The condition of the Corona pandemic’s spread was very sensitive in Madrid city of Spain. Elizabeth M staying in Madrid has narrated her experience. (In Europe, Spain was the second most infected country with the Corona pandemic). She stays in Madrid with her husband. They had rented out one of the rooms in their house to a person who runs a restaurant in the city. This person had come in contact with several people before the lockdown was imposed. He had also tested positive for Corona; therefore, Elizabeth and her husband were worried. They tested for Corona but their test was negative. They were quite surprised that despite being in contact with a Corona-positive person, how they didn’t get infected. Elizabeth was not only performing ‘Agnihotra’ regularly but they were also taking the holy ash of ‘Agnihotra’. That could have been the reason for not contacting Corona.

There is no study on whether Agnihotra destroys Coronavirus but it reduces the number of bacteria. It should, therefore, be found out at the earliest whether ‘Agnihotra’ reduces not only the bacteria but also the virus.


4. Research conducted by various institutes
and universities about the effect of Agnihotra on bacteria

4 A. Experiments were recently carried out at Fergusson College,
Pune, to find out the effect of Agnihotra on the growth of bacteria.

It was observed from the inference that the smoke of Agnihotra reduces the growth of micro-insects.

4 B. How can Agnihotra help infected people?

People having other health issues such as heart disease or high blood pressure, diseases related to the respiratory system such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, people with less immunity, and aged persons are soft targets of Corona. The immunity of the body reduces with growing age. Many people, who died due to Corona till now, had some of the above physical problems.

4 C. Heart disease and high blood pressure

Agnihotra helps in normalising blood pressure. Blood pressure was checked of few persons before and after performing Agnihotra. It was observed in these experiments that after Agnihotra, the blood pressure became normal.

4 D. Experience of Magda Lopez from Peru due to regularly performing Agnihotra

Magda Lopez from Peru narrated an experience related to the effect of Agnihotra on the heart. He said that his mother was ill ten years ago. It was observed from her ECG that she already had a heart attack; which means that one side of her heart had become dead and it was not possible to cure the same. He had been irregularly performing Agnihotra for the last 4 years; but in the last few months, he has been doing it regularly. Two weeks back, he took her to a doctor and her ECG was taken for the second time. He asked the doctor about its report when the doctor said that her heart was functioning well and there was no sign of her having a heart attack earlier. They were quite surprised to hear it. They performed Agnihotra daily and gave her its holy ash 3-4 times a day.


5. Instances of Agnihotra curing asthma

Corona has a more adverse effect on the lungs, therefore, people with asthma are advised to be more careful. Agnihotra helps to strengthen our lungs and our body becomes more flexible towards respiration. There have been many cases of this and two instances are given below.

5 A. Donna from the USA tells about getting cured of asthma by performing Agnihotra

Donna S from Santa Clarita has written about her experience. She has stated that she was very sick when she met specialists in respiratory system diseases at the University of Virginia. They showed her the x-ray report of her lungs. Her lungs were looking completely black and only 4 cms space was seen as clear. She started performing Agnihotra. After the first week, she stopped taking asthma medicines and after some time, she stopped taking steroids. After 3 months, she went to the doctor. He checked her lungs and did the x-ray. On seeing the report, he said, “I don’t know what you did, but your lungs are now completely clear. You don’t need to take any medicine.”

5 B. Fran Bee from Poland had an asthma problem from the age of 11 years
and it got cured when he started performing ‘Agnihotra’ from the age of 25 years

Fran Bee, staying at Wysoka, Poland has stated that he had severe asthma from the age of 11 years. After 20 years, his condition became worse. He used to get asthma attacks late at night and he used to go to a local hospital for treatment. He used to think that asthma was related to air pollution. He started performing Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset at the age of 25 years. Within 2 weeks his asthma was cured. He has not faced asthma problem again till now.


6. Agnihotra increases immunity

6 A.  Effect of Agnihotra on HIV positive

No study has been so far conducted on the effect of Agnihotra on Coronavirus, but it has been observed that in the HIV problem, Agnihotra and its holy ash had a good effect in controlling this disease. In an experiment, children affected by HIV, started performing Agnihotra. Every affected boy and girl performed Agnihotra independently. The following effects were observed after some time.

1. Reduction in virus

2. Increase in CD-4 protein level

3. Children’s health improved and their immunity also increased.

6 B. Water with the holy ash from Agnihotra
reduced the virus kept in a dish for growth, by 50%

An experiment was conducted in a laboratory to check the effect of Agnihotra’s ‘vibhuti (holy ash)’ by placing the virus on a petri dish to verify its growth. Water mixed with holy ash from Agnihotra was added to the dish when it was observed that the virus on the dish had reduced by 50%. Though it is not a very high percentage, it will have a good effect on chronic and severe diseases. Agnihotra may affect even Coronavirus as it affects the other virus.


7. Inference from all the above study

We don’t have proof of Agnihotra reducing the infections of Coronavirus. On studying all the reports given above, it can be deduced that performing Agnihotra at home will help in this difficult period of the Corona pandemic. It should also be studied scientifically.

A. Corona patients can be asked to perform Agnihotra or Agnihotra can be performed for them and its results can be verified.

B. A study can be undertaken on the percentage of Coronavirus in the air at a hospital before and after performing Agnihotra. The percentage of Coronavirus on the surfaces of things kept in a hospital can also be studied.

C. Study can be undertaken on the effect of Agnihotra and its ‘vibhuti’ on cells affected by Coronavirus.

D.In this period, the security of doctors and nurses is also a main issue. A study can be undertaken on the effect of Agnihotra on people from the medical field.

-Dr. Ulrich Berk

Agnihotra is a rich legacy of India and it is being propagated by a scientist like Dr. Berk from another country and emphatically states that Agnihotra is effective on Corona. It is so shameful for Indians!
A scientist like Dr. Berk researches Agnihotra and presents his findings besides stating that Agnihotra would be effective on Corona. Various benefits of Agnihotra are known to all. Presently, considering the increasing spread of Corona, the Government is expected to perform Agnihotra at different places and conduct scientific research to prevent infection of Corona.
Ref: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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