Spiritual practice is the best remedy to overcome ill-effects of planetary defects on human life

The best remedy for planetary defects is spiritual practice


1. Realising the effects on planets on human life in the
ancient times Bharatiya Sages developed the science of astrology

‘In the ancient times, Bharatiya Sages were aware that the planets revolving around the sun have an effect on human life. These Sages would receive strength from performing yoga and penance (tapa). Since they had a high spiritual level they would receive Divine knowledge which they have preserved in the form of Holy verses (suktas) in the Vedas. Astrology has 36 Holy verses in the Rugveda, 44 in Yajurveda and 162 in Atharvaveda. The norms from astrology are based on Bharatiya Darshans.


2. Today scientists too are beginning
to accept the effects of planets on human life

2 A. Scientists accept that majority of natural calamities such as
earthquakes, fires, storms or major accidents occur on full moon or no moon days

Scientists researching natural calamities such as earthquakes and fires have realised that these calamities and storms or major accidents mostly occur on full moon or no moon days eg, the earthquakes at Kangada on 4.4.1905, at Queta on 31.5.1935. Some earthquakes occur on days of inauspicious unions of planets such as Shani, Moon, Sun and Mars etc.’

(Reference : Pradnyalok, July 1981)


3. What do planetary defects mean ?

Planetary defects are inauspicious positions of planets in the horoscope. If a planetary position in an horoscope is defective then that individual has to face the ill-effects of that planet e.g. if Shani is defective then generally the destiny is severe, there is a major illness, family or financial problems etc. (dependent on the position, house and other factors in the horoscope). As per astrology physical, psychological and spiritual distress are due to planetary defects in an horoscope.


4. The horoscope of an individual
determines how rough or smooth his destiny is !

As per astrology an individual suffers from physical, psychological or spiritual distress due to planetary defects. However the root cause of this is destiny. By Law of Karma an individual has to suffer good or bad fruits for deeds performed in previous births, in the form of destiny. Astrology is based on this Law of Karma. The horoscope of an individual at the time of birth depicts his destiny of the present birth. Good planetary positions endow wealth, happiness, respect, fame etc. as fruits of merits while bad ones endow unhappiness, insult, disease, financial loss etc. as fruits of sins.


5. In the Kaliyug the proportion of
distress at all levels is far more than otherwise

At present part of the Kaliyug as there is a predominance of Raja-Tama, 65% actions of man are destined. So distress in the physical, psychological and spiritual planes is far more.


6. Performing spiritual practice to overcome
ill-effects of planetary defects is the best solution to this problem

To overcome planetary defects astrology has suggested a number of remedies such as chanting, donation, performing rituals, wearing particular gems etc. Though these reduce the intensity of the problem they are only temporary. With passage of time the problems recur and man has to expiate his destiny by facing it. That is precisely why to be able to get out of the cycle of birth and death performing spiritual practice is the best remedy.

6 A. What is spiritual practice ?

Day-to-day efforts made to realise God is spiritual practice and realising God is experiencing the state of Absolute Truth-Absolute Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Anand) continuously. Only spiritual practice is able to endow the courage to face grief in life, and to enjoy the highest form of Bliss. This can be performed along different paths such as Dnyanyoga (Path of Knowledge), Dhyanyoga (Path of Meditation), Bhaktiyoga (Path of Devotion), Karmayoga (Path of Action) etc. Saints have proclaimed that in the Kaliyug the best spiritual is chanting.

6 B. For spiritual practice to occur
appropriately guidance from a Guru is absolutely essential

It is very difficult to realise God by performing spiritual practice as per one’s own mind. On the contrary if done by seeking guidance from an authority in Spirituality such as a Guru or Saint then attaining the target is easier. That is precisely why we need to win the grace of a Guru. A Guru not only eliminates the ignorance of a disciple but also gets spiritual practice done from him and grants him spiritual experiences.

6 C. A disciple is protected in difficult situations due to the grace of the Guru

One develops the ability to face mild destiny with moderate spiritual practice, to face moderate destiny with severe spiritual practice and to face severe destiny only with the grace of the Guru. Some examples in this regard are given further.

6 C 1. Miss Deepali Matkar saved from the jaws of death by the grace of the Guru
6 C 1 A. The near death state of Miss Deepali Matkar, a lady seeker of Sanatan Sanstha

On 22.10.2016 Sanatan’s seeker Miss Deepali Matkar was found to be suffering from dengue, pneumonia and jaundice simultaneously. In her abdomen the liver and spleen were affected adversely, she had fluid in her lungs and was told that she had a severe form of pneumonia. There was a tremendous fall in her platelet (the blood component which brings about clotting) count in the blood. This can lead to death due to bleeding. In fact the allopathic physician had given up hope of her living.

6 C 1 B. As per astrology in her horoscope Miss Deepali had an untimely death at that point of time

In the horoscope of Miss Deepali at that time, in the 6th position, the seat of disease, was the planet Rahu which is associated with sin. The master of the 6th position, Ravi (Sun) had moved to the 8th position, that of death. The movement of the planet Mars in the horoscope was along the Shani planet. The Ketu planet was in mahadasha. All these planetary positions in the horoscope indicate a major physical illness or untimely death.

6 C 1 C. Due to spiritual remedies performed by Maharshi and Saints on Miss Deepali she recovered from these severe illnesses within just a fortnight

When Miss Deepali was in a critical state Maharshi and Saints performed spiritual remedies such as recitation of chants for her. Through the medium of nadi astrology Maharshi Bhrugu and the Saptarshis several spiritual remedies were advised and Saints performed them for several hours. Hence the intense suffering of Miss Deepali was overcome within just a fortnight.

6 C 1 D. Since Miss Deepali is performing spiritual practice the Guru protected her from untimely death

Miss Deepali has sacrificed everything, her body, mind and wealth and has been performing spiritual practice and serving the mission of the Guru. She has immense faith in the Guru and an intense yearning for God-realisation. As a result she was blessed with grace of the Guru and was protected from the jaws of death.

6 C 2. H.H. (Mrs.) Sangita Patil Attaining Sainthood by observing her own severe destiny as a spectator
6 C 2 A. The severe destiny of H.H. (Mrs.) Sangita Patil

H.H. (Mrs.) Sangita Patil was orphaned in childhood. After marriage though she gave birth to a son he died very young. After an attack of typhoid she lost her vision. Her husband sustained an accident at his workplace and lost his job. Later he lost vision in one eye. Their financial state too was hopeless.

6 C 2 B. H.H. (Mrs.) Sangita Patil has 75% destiny to expiate

After a subtle-analysis Sanatan Sanstha’s seeker who understands the subtle dimension, Mr. Nishad Deshmukh stated with respect to H.H. (Mrs.) Sangita Patil that ‘though she had 75% destiny to expiate she has overcome it with devotion and spiritual emotion.’ (In the present times of the Kaliyug the destiny of an average individual is 65% and due to obstacles in life he gets drained out and becomes unhappy.)

6 C 2 C. H.H. (Mrs.) Sangita Patil attained Sainthood without cursing circumstances arising from her intense destiny

Without being deterred by unfavourable circumstances H.H. (Mrs.) Sangita Patil is continuing her spiritual practice happily. Despite suffering from severe destiny she has never blamed circumstances for her plight. On the contrary she gave herself up for the mission of the Guru wholeheartedly and performed spiritual practice. She says, “I have encountered several unhappy situations in my life but I was able to face them with the grace of the Guru.” Due to her intense yearning to realise God H.H. (Mrs.) Sangita Patil has attained Sainthood.

– Mr. Raj Dhananjay Karve, Postgraduate in astrology, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa (20.10.2019)
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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