Importance of matching horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom

In the Hindu Dharma the four pursuits of life (Purusharthas) are Dharma (Righteousness), arth (wealth), kama (desire) and Moksha (Final Liberation). Out of these the rite (sanskar) of marriage has been devised to fulfill desires of man and gradually lead him to attain the Final Liberation. Many important events in the life of a man and woman are linked with marriage e.g. love for each other, physical attraction, progeny, other happiness in life, position in society and material growth. Before arranging a marriage it is important to confirm that the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom match each other. This has to be done by a knowledgeable astrologer and even the horoscopes of bride and groom should be properly done. This article elaborates on the importance of matching horoscopes of prospective brides and grooms and what needs to be done to enjoy conjugal happiness.


1. Importance of matching horoscopes of the prospective match

Since the husband and wife have to walk the path of life together  it is important that their personalities match each other, that there is mutual understanding between them, in fact this is the most important. Also their financial state, buying a home, bearing progeny, health etc are equally important.  However as all these are about their future when, deciding a marriage assessing these is rather difficult. That is why one should seek assistance from astrology. Birth, marriage and death occur as destined. Since a horoscope is a mirror of destiny, it can convey destined events.


2. Importance of matching the number of ‘guna’, graha and
patrika when matching horoscopes of prospective brides and grooms

2 A. Matching guna

Mr. Raj Karve

The temperament of the bride and groom should match, this is the main objective of matching the guna in the horoscopes. If their temperaments are contrasting then at every stage in life there will be unhappiness e.g. in matching guna an individual with a particular rashi matches or does not match an individual belonging to another rashi e.g. karka and kumbh rashi individuals never match. One belonging to the karka rashi is artistic, emotional, a Nature lover while One of the kumbha rashi is contrast detached, indifferent, work-oriented, and research-minded. Since thinking, likes and dislikes and lifestyles of the two are exactly opposite they do not match each other.

If the temperaments of spouses match each other then there is mutual understanding between them and no matter what difficulties they have to face in life they understand and support each other.

2 B. Matching of graha and patrika

Here an assessment of a successful marriage is made considering the parameters of financial status, family, progeny, health etc.


3. The defect of Mangal (Mars)

There is social unwarranted fear and misconception about the defect of Mars in the horoscope. Mangal being associated with Fire it poses obstacles in marital life. However the almanac (panchang) has mentioned several exceptions about the Mangal defect because of which 90% of the Mangal defect in the horoscooe is nullified. Hence find out if the horoscope has a defect of Mangal and consult an astrologer to find out if it is nullified by any reason.


4. In the present Scientific Age matching horoscopes of
prospective brides and grooms is indeed worthy of applause

Today as Bharatiya society is under the influence of Western culture, it is being copied blindly. That is precisely why Bharat which was once upon a time a world leader, is deteriorating in every sphere. If this is considered with respect to marriage then the incidence of divorces in Bharat has shot up. In love marriages as the bride and groom know each other majority wonder why horoscopes have to be matched. I insist that ‘matching their horoscopes is necessary because based on the proverb that ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ initially they appear to be matching for each other. But the reality is different. While facing the problems after marriage the couple starts finding fault with each other. As there are constant conflicts they ultimately take the hurried decision of separation. To make matters worse most from the present generation presume that external attraction is love. There are also chances of being cheated in love affairs, hence seeking astrological help is certainly advisable.


5. Perform spiritual practice for a blissful wedded life

Since this era is the Kaliyug, in man, the incidence of unhappiness is more than happiness. As the human lifestyle is not in keeping with Nature despite being provided all amenities man is unhappy. If marital life is considered then there are very few families living in harmony. The best solution for a happy marriage is performing spiritual practice (daily efforts for God-realisation), in other words removing one’s personality defects and inculcating Divine virtues within the self. The greatest obstacle in married life are expectations by the couple from each other and from the family. As every individual is egoistic, he is constantly thinking of how the other is at fault and how he is correct. We can change ourselves, but not others. If the couple thinks of its shortcomings, how one can help the other partner, the family environment will improve. Making attempts to remove your personality defects and ego itself is spiritual practice. Spirituality and not the modern science teach how to enjoy true happiness (bliss) in life. If you try to spiritualise your aspect of life then it will become happy in the true sense of the term.’

-Mr. Raj Dhananjay Karve, Postgraduate in astrology, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishawavidyalay, Goa (10.12.2019)
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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