Why is it essential for yearning and bhav to be linked for rapid spiritual progress?

To progress in sadhana (Spiritual practice), it is necessary to have bhav (Spiritual emotion) for God. For generation of bhav, dissolution of the mind and a sattvik (Sattva-predominant) intellect are absolutely essential. For this, the seeker has to make efforts to make his intellect and mind constantly sattvik. To make the intellect and mind sattvik, the best way is to study the Holy texts written by Saints. Since Holy texts written by Saints have tremendous amount of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness), effects are often seen on the mind and intellect when reading and studying them, and the mind and intellect start becoming sattvik.

Due to a sattvik mind and intellect, the seeker grasps spiritual knowledge and hence, it becomes easier for him to understand God. After understanding what God is, the intellect decides to perform sadhana. Thereafter, sadhana takes place with faith, one gets spiritual experiences and spiritual progress takes place. Then, bhav is generated in us and we begin to progress towards God. For generation of bhav, intense yearning and curiosity are needed. Due to these two virtues, the mind and intellect undergo quick dissolution, bhav is generated and one progresses rapidly towards God.


1. For rapid spiritual progress in
sadhana, yearning as well as bhav are necessary

For rapid spiritual progress two factors are necessary – yearning and bhav. Yearning is the intense desire of the jiva to progress spiritually, that is, intense desire for God-realisation. The jiva should have this yearning till it attains the spiritual level of 100%. Due to yearning alone, spiritual level can grow to a maximum of 70%. However, if yearning reduces, one’s spiritual level can come down too. Due to ego, the spiritual level comes down even if there is yearning.

To progress spiritually by overcoming obstacles in sadhana, bhav is very essential. With bhav even ego reduces. Yearning increases the spiritual level of the jiva, while bhav maintains that yearning. Due to ignorance, the jiva is unaware of how to use bhav and yearning at the same time. That is why, in sadhana just as progress takes place fast, so does deterioration. The Guru’s grace alone teaches how to use bhav and yearning together. When yearning gets activated in a jiva, Shri Guru showers His grace upon the jiva and sattvik bhav in it gets awakened. To maintain this bhav, it is important to perform every action with bhav.


2. When yearning accompanies bhav,
it helps increase Divine virtues in the seeker

If yearning accompanies bhav, it helps in the growth of different virtues of God in the seeker. Since bhav has so much importance, Bhaktiyoga (Path of Devotion) is superior to Karmayoga (Path of Action) and Dnyanyoga (Path of Knowledge). For bhav to find the right direction and for a seeker to go to God in the subtle, there is need for a Guru. This explains the importance of Gurukrupayoga (Path of Guru’s grace).


3. Bhav and yearning are essential
for God to manifest and perform His mission

Due to bhav for God in a jiva, the God Principle manifests and due to the yearning for God, the manifest God Principle gets activated. If yearning is for vyashṭi sadhana (Individual spiritual practice), that is, yearning to realise God, then God Principle gets activated accordingly; and if yearning is for samashṭi sadhana (Spiritual practice for spread of Spirituality), that is, yearning for establishing the Divine Kingdom, then God Principle also acts accordingly. Hence, for God to manifest and perform His mission, bhav as well as yearning are essential.

Deities manifest because of bhav for God, but they function for jivas because of the yearning in the bhav. Hence, yearning has greater importance when compared with bhav. Bhav activates the sense organs of Deities, and because of yearning, their motor organs get activated and they perform the mission for a jiva.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Spiritual emotion (Types and Awakening)’

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