Benefits of bhav

Continuous efforts to awaken bhav (Spiritual emotion) increases transparency of the jiva. Transparency means being perceptive as well as sensitive. Sensitivity means being in the forefront for absorbing sattvik (Sattva-predominant) waves; being perceptive means being in the forefront for tackling any incident with the help of sattvik waves.


1. Purification of various bodies

A. Due to bhav, the physical body becomes pure

The physical body starts undergoing purification due to bhav, which means a reduction in the Raja-Tama components in it, and increase in the Sattva component. In other words, it is the movement of the jiva from its outer covering to its inner one. During this inward journey, the jiva learns many stages of sadhana (Spiritual practice).

B. Purification of the subtle-body and its sheath due to bhav

Expressed bhav purifies the praṇadeha (Vital body) and the praṇamaya-kosha (Vital energy sheath), while unexpressed bhav purifies the praṇamaya-kosha and the manomaya-kosha (Mental sheath).

C. The process of purification of various bodies due to bhav

  • Due to the Principle of a Deity, subtle-bodies are purified : Due to bhav, the Principle of the Deity that is required gets attracted to the seeker. This Principle of the Deity helps in purifying subtle-bodies of the seeker.
  • Purification of the manodeha (Mental body) (Conversion of emotion into bhav) : Seekers do not develop 100% bhav right away. Emotion gradually gets converted into bhav, and finally, emotion gets destroyed completely and 100% bhav develops.
  • Purification of the karaṇdeha (Making the intellect sattvik) : When bhav is active at the level of the mind, it also affects the karaṇdeha (Causal body), making the intellect sattvik.
  • Purification of the mahakarandeha (Reduction in ego) : Due to bhav, the feeling of ‘I’ness reduces and an intense awareness of the existence of God develops. This purifies the mahakarandeha (Supracausal body) and helps in reducing the ego. There is an inverse relationship between bhav and ego. The greater the bhav, the lower is the ego. Here, bhav refers to ‘krutadnyatabhav (Spiritual emotion of gratitude) & sharanagatbhav’.


2. A seeker can quickly absorb the subtlemost waves of Guru’s grace

In Kaliyug, jivas have very little bhav. That is why, their efforts reach God only to a limited extent. To a great extent, black energy and Maya envelop the mind and intellect of jivas that take birth in Kaliyug. With the Guru’s grace, the black energy covering starts reducing. However, due to lack of bhav, the covering of Maya cannot reduce. When bhav gets generated in a jiva to some extent, the Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) & God Principle in it begin to manifest. This reduces the covering of Maya and the jiva realises that true happiness lies in performing sadhana and not in aspects in Maya, and it starts performing sadhana steadily so as to realise God. Seekers who have bhav can quickly absorb the subtlemost waves of the Guru’s grace from the environment, because of which they get atmanubhūti (Spiritual experience of the soul) and begin to progress towards God.


3. If a seeker who has bhav
commits a mistake his mistakes are nullified

Sometimes a Paratpar Guru praises a jiva, but the jiva with average vision thinks at the emotional level and wonders why the Guru is praising it despite the many mistakes it makes. Though outwardly this jiva has performed a wrong action, since its bhav while performing the action was ‘I am performing it as seva to obtain Chaitanya’, Chaitanya is generated from that action, the mistakes are nullified, and the karma becomes akarma (An act which does not give rise to destiny). There are no restrictions for generation of Chaitanya. Though outwardly it is a mistake, the jiva’s bhav to obtain Chaitanya shows its inner desire, that is, leads it to meritorious action.


4. Bhav enables a seeker to travel from gross to subtle

Bhav helps a seeker travel from the physical (meaning, the physical dimension) to the subtle dimension, from the sagun (Materialised) to the nirgun (Non-materialised) and from being an individual to a Principle faster. Due to the extraordinary importance of bhav, a seeker can give up his doership and perform every action with bhav. For this reason, despite a low spiritual level, a seeker can receive knowledge of a high level.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Spiritual emotion (Types and Awakening)’

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